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  1. As a push for a full band due to the arrival of a dynamic conductor, YBS Concert Brass require a 2nd Euph, B flat bass and E flat bass to complete their line-up.

    We have some high quality jobs booked in Autumn and are hoping to do a couple of contests before Christmas. With a full band we will be in a strong position to compete in the 2nd section in the New Year.

    We have an on-site bar, a quality set of players both in and out of the dressing room and rehearse in Bradford on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you are interested please PM me or call on 07789 017865.

  2. Thanks to all for their enquiries, we have an interested party in our euphonium and B flat bass positions. We are still looking to fill our E flat bass position.

    Due to the announcement of a forthcoming operation we are also looking for a good quality baritone player. Please refer to the above email for contact details.

    YBS Concert Brass
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    Vacancy Update

    Just to update the above messages. YBS Concert are very pleased to welcome Jim Ely back to the band on Euphonium. Thanks to everyone who enquired about this position.

    Tha band now only requires a Bb or Eb bass player and 2nd baritone to complete the line up.

    Please PM for more details

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    I bobbed along for a blow to YBS Concert's rehearsal last night and well what can I say?!

    Had a great night with a very friendly, musical and sociable crowd. I was very impressed by the sound of the band and the hard work that is going on around the stand!

    The music played was well balanced, interesting and fun, as well as a good challenge in places, plus the direction coming from the middle was easy to understand, friendly and to the point. Along with a good positive atmosphere around the stand it made for a good night out. Thanks guys.

    All that is left to say is - go on, give these guys a try, you know you want too!
  5. YBS concert are still looking for an E flat and B flat to complete our line-up for our annual concert, Butlins in January and several high quality jobs in the coming months.

    Please PM me if you would be interested in joining our motivated and friendly band, led by Ian Craddock (whose record at contests you can't really argue with!)

    Thanks, Tim
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    Bb Bass West yorkshire

    YBS Concert Band (MD Ian Craddock) requires a Bb Bass to complete it's line up. We are 2nd section, Yorkshire area and have the Butlins contest in January coming up as well as the regional contest in March.

    The band nights are Monday and Wednesday 7:30-9:30 at Low Moor Working Mens Club. Bradford. this is very accessible from M62, Leeds, Halifax, Brighouse and Huddersfield.

    The band is currently on the 'up' and feeling very positive and this is reflected in concert performances and attendance at practices. We are a friendly band and enjoy a drink after rehersals in the bar downstairs.

    If you are interested please PM for details

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    Bb/Eb Bass & Bari West Yorks

    Thank you to the people who enquired about the vacancy. The position of Eb or Bb bass is still vacant. Additionally, the band also requires a 2nd baritone player. Other than these two seats we have a full line up and are looking forward to the approaching contests.

    If you are interested in playing Eb or Bb bass or baritone could you send a pm and I will give you more details

  8. Calling cornets in West Yorkshire!

    To update the above posts, we are also on the look-out for a committed front row player to join with our dedicated team of three. See the top post for rehearsal details.

    With a trip to Butlins thrown in, how can you refuse?
  9. New vacancy details:

    YBS concert Brass will be looking to fill the following vacancies permanently after the Regional Contest next year in Bradford:

    Tutti cornet
    2nd / 3rd cornet
    E flat bass

    If you are available or feel you need a change then join our hard working band, then you couldn't go far wrong with us!

    See previous posts for rehearsal details.
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  10. New vacancy details:

    Fancy a crack at the Nationals? YBS Concert are offering the following opportunities for full-time players:

    Tutti cornet
    2nd / 3rd cornet
    E flat bass

    Please see website (www.ybscb.co.uk) for further details.
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    YBS concert is pleased to announce the only vacancies to be filled before appearing at the Second Section National Finals in Harraogate are:

    Eb Bass

    Please PM for details or call 07970 821608

    Further information can be found at www.ybscb.co.uk
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    The positions of Eb bass and baritone are still available. Please note the practice details have now changed. The band will now practice Mondays and Thursdays 7:45-9:45 in Low Moor Club, Bradford.

    PM for details

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