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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by WYFRSband, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. musicmaker

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    Player Up Date.....

    The Band has had two sisters return to the band, giving us a new clarinet and new cornet player. The two Perc players that came in July have now passed there auditions and are full members of the band.

    Our line up at the moment. (Where a * is, there is a vacancy. )

    4 x Flute
    4 x Clarinet’s ***
    1 x Bass Clarinet
    1 x Oboe
    1 x Alto Sax *
    1 x Tenor Sax
    1 x Bari Sax
    1 x French Horn **
    2 x Tenor Horn
    1 x Bassoon
    4 x Cornet **
    3 x trombone **
    1 x Euphonium *
    1 x Tuba **
    3 x Percussion
  2. charlie-wyfrsband

    charlie-wyfrsband New Member

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say a big welcome to all who have joined (or rejoined) the band recently.
    The band seems to have really grown in strength, numbers and team spirit
    lately, even though there are still a few vacancies.
    Long may it continue.

  3. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    Hi this may seem a weird question but how far are you from Hull?
    Thanks kelly
  4. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    good Question

    We are off J27 on the M62, which acording to sat Nav is 65 miles from the centre of hull to the band room, i myself travel from Richmond north yorkshire to band and we have a cornet player travel from cheshire.

    If you want any more info please contact me, via this site or mdwyfrsband@aol.com
  5. nook1938

    nook1938 Supporting Member

    Lee, do the auditions still take place, even if you have Conducted a front row cornet player or have heard that person play the 1st Alto Sax for a Medal Winning Concert Band?. Just thought I would ask
  6. Trumpet Major

    Trumpet Major Member


    HI There
    Thanks for your question.

    In lieu of Lee answering this, the answer is yes that auditions do take place and that all current members of the band have all passed auditions.

    Even 'medal winning band members' (gulf etc?) are welcome to audition I believe.


  7. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member


    Many thanks louise for replying for me whilst i have been away. The audition is for everyone who wishes to be a member of the WYFRSBand. The auditionee has to play two pieces of their choice and may be asked to play a piece of the auditioner's choice. You will then be asked questions by a managment member.

    This process is to try and keep the standard of the band at a high level and striving to raise the standard of the whole band further.

    If you have any questions ref the band please get in touch with myself or any members of the band via the contact page on our web site.

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  8. Mr Malone

    Mr Malone Member

    Vacancy Update
    Following a highly successful visit by The Voluntary Fire Service Band of Lubartow (Poland) this weekend, where the Bands played at The Royal Armouries, The National Railway Museum, and Parliament Square in York, The Band of WYFRS are looking to attract further quality musicians:

    1. Tenor or bass trombone
    2. 1 Alto and 1 tenor saxophone
    3. Eb Bass
    4. 1 clarinet
    5. 1 flute

    The WYFRS band offers full rehearsals, top quality engagements, return visit to Lubartow 2008, full concert and marching uniforms, and the backing of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Conducted by Lee Whitworth of The Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band, and with a host of top-notch musicians within the Band (including Louise Lingard-Snape, former Principal Cornet with The Staff Band of the Women’s Royal Army Corps), and rehearsing Mondays 7.30-10.00pm, the Band is the foremost concert band in West Yorkshire.

    Full details at: www.wyfrsband.com

    or via PM

    Anthony P Malone
  9. Trumpet Major

    Trumpet Major Member

    WELCOME to the Cornet Section

    On behalf of the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Band and as Principal Cornet, I would like to welcome two new players to the cornet section who had joined as a result of our recent successful recruitment drive.:clap:
    We welcome Perry and Amy to the superior section and to the band and wholeheartedly wish them much success and enjoyment.

  10. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    Ha Don't forget Claire who has joined us on clarinet, i aint getting into the superior section debate as i play both woodwind and brass. so ill leave that to you lot..........................

    Welcome all.

    still space for committed, competent players in most sections.(flutes, Euph's, percusion full)

    up and coming events.

    CD Recording
    trip to Ypres this year
    trip to Poland next year
  11. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    Stop Press!!!

    We are losing a Trombone player after November due to going home after finishing uni. This will leave our Roz on her own. (trombonium on her ownium!!) so we need some troms. We are happy for people attending uni to play during term time.

    if you are interested please get in touch.

  12. I'm intrigued to know what Mr Malone played for his audition peices? Was he sober at the time?
  13. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    I have only been with the band for 5 months, so Mr Malone Auditioned long before my time. Also in my time in the band i have never seen him drunk on duty (so to speak) He is a first class and professional member of the band.

    What he is like when depping with you i don't know, but that could be Sarah's influence. Any way this is off topic, but i will pass on your concern about his well being.

    Good look with searching for an MD and if i can help in the mean time i will.
  14. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Be careful there Lee - Temporary plays for the Emley, and aren't looking for an MD (i hope). I'm sure you meant Wetherby looking for a Conductor!!

    Hope all is well.
  15. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

  16. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Please keep chit-chat off the recruitment threads - we need to be fair to everyone re. bumping.
  17. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    New Euph player just past her audition, this giving Mr Malone a little friend, but Roz would still like some friends on trombone.

    Join this growing, ambitious Military style wind band.

    The band do March but also do some top concerts, we aim to start a pop (dance) band, soon and we are on the way to having a brass and reed group.

    So if you don't wont to join us you could always hire us!!!
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  18. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    The band are off to Ypres this weekend so if any new members want to contact the band there may be a short delay in your reply.

    many thanks.
  19. charlie-wyfrsband

    charlie-wyfrsband New Member

    All back from Ypres and proud of ourselves for such a lot of wonderful marching.
    A fab time was had by all and rehearsals will now resume for all the Christmas celebrations and in preparation for the Band's visit to Poland in Summer 2008.
    The band still has vacancies. Currently these are in the following sections; Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone (alto and tenor), Trombone (and bass).
    If you wish to discuss any vacancy or have any queries about the audition process, please see the contact details on the band website
  20. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member


    Bass player needed for this wind band, to sit next to our Andy. He is a great bloke but would like some friends.

    Clarinets also needed, so if any of you brass players on here have a partner or kids that play woodwind (dare i say woodwind on a brass band site) please get in touch, all the info you need to contact the band is above many times over.

    Come for a blow you may even like it!!!!

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