west of England regional dates 2013? Mistake?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by alks, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. alks

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    I noticed that the dates have been set for 2013 - has there been a mistake?. The bands are supposed to rotate every year so that you get to play on a Sunday every 4 years. Next year the 4th section is supposed to be on a Sunday and get to play in the main hall instead of the poor sports hall. Has the policy suddenly changed? according to 4br and swabba website the 4th is on Sat again!

  2. Accidental

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    Tbh it doesn't look like there's been many changes to each section's day & hall over the past few years so 2013 isn't that different... is there actually a stated policy re. rotation or was it just a nice-to-have?
    Each section is going to take a different amount of time because of different test piece lengths and numbers of entries - who plays when & where is probably down to the organisers trying to fit everyone in the best they can.

    Have you asked your Regional committee for clarification?
  3. KernowSop

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    Unfortunately, I'll think you find that the 4th Section will be in the the sports hall again. Due to the size of the section, it'll be an all day event for the 4th section, which is why they have different adjudicators from the 1st & 2nd Section. Is the sports hall bad for playing in, trust me, the halls not great! The logistic for getting in to the car park can be a nightmare, but it's handy for the pubs! :)
  4. ophicliede

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    I quite liked playing in the sports hall and enjoyed three years playing in there. I can see a bit of conflict coming up with the adjudicators though. If Brett Baker is adjudicating in Championship section and Woodfalls are conducted by either Nick or Bob Childs. It could be that Brett Baker will have played in a band that is being conducted by one of these. Just one point to ponder, also I find it strange that Lt.Col. Nick Grace is adjudicating 1st, 2nd and 3rd Section and yet what I would consider a far more experienced adjudicator (Stephen Roberts who has just adjudicated British Open this year and conducted Championship section bands) is adjudicating 4th section. A bit of a nonsense as far as I am concerned.
  5. IanHeard

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    The Riviera as a venue is ideal apart from the Halls we get to play in, that said weighing up the Pro`s and Con`s I`m ******ed if I can think of anywhere better in the Westcountry, it`s central and no doubt for the WEBBA it comes in at the right price. It is patently unfair to preclude the 4th section from the opportunity to play in the better of the two halls and take them out of the Sunday rotation too, I`m sure we`ve had the Champonship follow the 4th in the 'Forum' on a Sunday before, so whats the problem now?
    The Adjudicator question is a good one, but with the advent of 'Super Sundays' as 4br calls it, it must difficult for Area commitees to compete for quality, experienced Adjudicators when so many Area contests are held on the same weekend or close together.
    We could wait a few weeks and have our Area later, but then we`ll have the qualifying bands dripping about all the hotels being booked up again.
  6. Blossom

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    Don't you think the 4th section bands will be pleased to be judged by someone of the calibre of Stephen Roberts ?

    It is irrelevant which section it is - surely they all deserve to be judged by the best adjudicators available
  7. alks

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    Well its seams its the Sports hall again. I contacted webba and the response was that rotation depends on various factors. The 4th section played on the Sunday in 2009 and in 2005/6 and the sections were big then so I don't see why not again - anyway its all been decided now. I played in the main hall in 2009 and it was better not such an echo and boomy sound. In the sports hall you have to play to suit the hall as it cant take any volume.
    Perhaps a move back to the refurbished Colsten hall in Bristol would be a good idea?

  8. simonium

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    The cynic in me thinks there could very well be more duff results in the top section in March. Stephen Roberts I have great respect for, the miltary tove I have never heard of. I would've thought a pre-requisite for adjudicating is a lot of experience in preparing bands, which I suspect neither Brett Baker or David Thornton have. Blood the newbies by all means, but surely only one at a time and with a more seasoned judge.
  9. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure that that's a prerequisite - more the route that tends to be taken, because it usually makes most sense. But there are exceptions - adjudicators who have gathered respect for their judgements despite having limited brass band experience. Such people usually come in from elsewhere in the music profession, and are often seen as bringing an interesting new perspective. There are a fair number of extremely talented musicians in the military quietly plying their trade without being noticed by brass bands - one would hope that this chap is one of them.
  10. simonium

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    I suspect the military fellow spends a great deal of time concentrating on rehearsal and performance, which some brass bands tend to dress up rather grandly as contest preparation. I have every faith that that, like Chris Davis and Rob Wiffin he will bring a greater sense of professionalism to the job. I'm not sure about the "superstars" though, especially if as Ophicleide mentions, there is a link between one of them and a regular guest conductor.

    As long as Peter Roberts or Peter Bassano don't come back I shan't really bother about it at the time.

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