West of England Regional Championships - 2010

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    West of England Regional Championships
    Championship Section

    Sunday 14th March commencing (not before) 3.30pm
    English Heritage, George Lloyd
    Adjudicators: David Horsfield and Stan Lippeatt

    Camborne Town, Ian Porthouse
    Flowers, Paul Holland
    Helston Town, John Hitchins
    Lydbrook, Tom Brevic
    Mount Charles, Phillip McCann
    Poole Borough, Phil Randell
    Sherborne Town, Paul Cosh
    St Dennis, Philip Harper
    Woodfalls, Dr Nicholas Childs
    Yeovil Town, Kevin Robbins

    West of England Regional Championships
    First Section

    Saturday 13th March commencing (not before) 3.00pm
    A Moorside Suite, Gustav Holst
    Adjudicators: David Horsfield and Peter Bassano

    Aldbourne, David Williams
    Bournemouth Concert Brass, Nigel Taken
    Camborne 'B', Alan Pope
    Chalford, Steve Tubb
    Hyde, Ivan Hutchinson
    Lanner & District Silver, Stuart Chappell
    Lympstone South West Telecoms, Charlie Fleming
    Michelmersh Silver, Melvin White
    Ocean Brass, Nick Grace
    Otterbourne Brass, Dr Chris Davis OBE
    Portishead Town, Ian Dickinson
    St Austell Town, Gareth Pritchard
    Storm Brass, Andrew Jones
    Verwood Concert Brass, David Johnson

    West of England Regional Championships
    Second Section

    Sunday 14th March commencing at 10.00am
    Kingdom of Dragons, Philip Harper
    Adjudicators: Jacob Dijkstra and Peter Bassano

    Bristol East & Kingswood, Dan Jones
    Brunel Brass, John Winterflood
    Cinderford, tba
    City of Bristol, Ceri Thomas
    Filton Concert Brass, Bryn James
    Forest of Dean Brass, Jack Smith,
    Gillingham Silver, Alan MacRae
    Heyl Town, Derek Johnston
    Pendennis Brass, Steve Thomas
    Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne), Paul Slator
    Shrewton Silver, Michael Dunford
    Solent Concert, Alf Hughes
    St Pinnock, tba
    Swindon Pegasus Brass, Mike Lock
    Wotton & District Silver, Dennis Grant

    West of England Regional Championships
    Third Section

    Saturday 13th March commencing at 10.00am
    Labour & Love, Percy Fletcher
    Adjudicators: David Horsfield and Peter Bassano

    Bath Spa, David Hayward
    Bream Silver, Huw Cole
    Bugle Silver, David Pope
    Corsham, Martin Perry
    Denmead Brass, Estelle Flood
    Pillowell Silver, Steve Ruck
    Sidmouth Town, Adrian Harvey
    South Molton Town, David Marshall
    St Breward Silver, tba
    St Stythians, James Burns
    Tewkesbury Town, Nigel Morgan
    Torbay Brass, T J Fiinigan
    Weston Brass, Tony Osborne
    Weymouth Concert Brass, Adam Glynn
    Wincanton Silver, Brian Kelloway

    West of England Regional Championships
    Fourth Section

    Saturday 13th March commencing at 12 noon
    Saint-Saens Variations, Philip Sparke
    Adjudicators: Stan Lippeatt and Jacob Dijkstra

    A W Parker (Drybrook), Kevin White
    Bratton Silver, Maria Fricker
    Chalford Academy, Steve Tubb
    Cheltenham Silver, Rob Folland
    Downton, Roland Wright
    Hatherleigh Silver, R Wonnacott
    Launceston Town, Dave Dobson
    Lostwithiel Town, Denzil Stephens
    Marshfield, John Griffin
    New Forest Brass, Richard Sharp
    Okehampton Excelsior Silver, Des Law
    Porthleven Town, F E Ralph
    Shanklin Town Brass, M Lewis
    Spinnaker Brass, Gordon Leask
    Swindon Brass, Francis Cowley
    Test Valley Brass, Steve Large
    Totnes, Steve Young
    Verwood 'B', Trevor Naughton
    Wight Brass, Alan Ingram
    Wilton & District, Colin Herbert

    Information courtesy: http://www.webba.org.uk/
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    Good luck to all bands this year!

  3. Di

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    First Section

    1. Portishead Town (Ian Dickinson), 11*
    2. Bournemouth Concert Brass (Nigel Taken), 5*
    3. St Austell Town (Gareth Pritchard), 12
    4. Camborne 'B' (Alan Pope), 9
    5. Verwood Concert Brass (David Johnson), 10
    6. Aldbourne (David Williams), 2
    7. Chalford (Steve Tubb), 4
    8. Lanner & District Silver (Stuart Chappell), 6
    9. Hyde (Ivan Hutchinson), 14
    10. Storm Brass (Andrew Jones), 1
    11. Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White), 13
    12. Otterbourne Brass (Dr Chris Davis OBE), 7
    13. Lympstone South West Telecoms (Charlie Fleming), 3
    14. Ocean Brass (Nick Grace), 8

    *Top 2 bands qualify for Harrogate

    Third Section

    1. Sidmouth Town (Adrian Harvey), 6*
    2. Bream Silver (Huw Cole), 8*
    3. St Breward Silver (Graham Boag), 12
    4. Pillowell Silver (Steve Ruck), 10
    5. Weston Brass (Tony Osborne), 3
    6. Corsham (Martin Perry), 13
    7. Bath Spa (David Hayward), 14
    8. Bugle Silver (David Pope), 1
    9. Denmead Brass (Estelle Flood), 5
    10. Wincanton Silver (Brian Kelloway), 7
    11. South Molton Town (David Marshall), 9
    12. Tewkesbury Town (Nigel Morgan), 4
    13. St Stythians (James Burns), 15
    14. Weymouth Concert Brass (Adam Glynn), 2
    15. Torbay Brass (T J Finnigan), 11

    *Top 2 bands qualify for Harrogate

    Fourth Section

    1. Test Valley Brass (Steve Large), 7
    2. Hatherleigh Silver (Dave Hayward), 16
    3. Downton (Roland Wright), 20
    4. A W Parker (Drybrook) (Kevin White), 2
    5. Shanklin Town Brass (M Lewis), 17
    6. Wight Brass (Alan Ingram), 6
    7. New Forest Brass (Richard Sharp), 8
    8. Swindon Brass (Francis Cowley), 19
    9. Totnes (Steve Young), 5
    10. Launceston Town (Dave Dobson), 18
    11. Bratton Silver (Maria Fricker), 11
    12. Marshfield (John Griffin), 1
    13. Okehampton Excelsior Silver (Des Law), 12
    14. Verwood 'B' (Trevor Naughton), 14
    15. Spinnaker Brass (Gordon Leask), 15
    16. Wilton & District (Colin Herbert), 4
    17. Porthleven Town (F E Ralph), 3
    18. Lostwithiel Town (Denzil Stephens), 13
    19. Chalford Academy (Steve Tubb), 9
    20. Cheltenham Silver (Rob Folland), 10

    Courtesy www.4barsrest.com
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    Well done Wight Brass on your debut... A respectable placing.
  5. Euphemistic

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    Congratulations to some of my old chums in Portishead - they have come a long way since they were the "Electricity Club Band"!

    Jon Clare
  6. Chris Hicks

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    Just a quick congratulations for my old band Portishead! Fantastic result! And promotion to the top section!!! 3rd section to Championship in 5 years and 3 trips to Harrogate! Well done!
  7. tubaminstrel

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    1. Flowers
    2. Camborne

    Can anyone put up the rest? my stoopid computer won't log in to 4br
  8. Chris Hicks

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    3. Woodfalls
    4. Mount Charles
    5. St Dennis
    6. Lydbrook
    10. Yeovil
  9. jackocorn

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    1. Filton Concert Brass (Bryn James), 6*
    2. Shrewton Silver (Michael Dunford), 12*
    3. Swindon Pegasus Brass (Mike Lock), 4
    4. Forest of Dean Brass (Jack Smith), 13
    5. Brunel Brass (John Winterflood), 9
    6. City of Bristol (Ceri Thomas), 10
    7. Cinderford (Nigel Seaman), 8
    8. Heyl Town (Derek Johnston), 11
    9. Bristol East & Kingswood (Dan Jones), 2
    10. St Pinnock (Chirs Spreadbury), 14
    11. Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) (Paul Slator), 3
    12. Wotton & District Silver (Dennis Grant), 5
    13. Pendennis Brass (Steve Thomas), 1
    14. Gillingham Silver (Alan MacRae), 7
  10. trippo

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    Many thanks for your kind posts. We are still in a state of total shock and amazement at Portishead. It was a terrific weekend and a great result for us against some fantastic opposition.

    We couldn't be more delighted for Ian Dickinson who has put in so much hard work with the band over the past couple of years. To quote Ian "we will go on stage as friends, come off stage as friends and will have a drink together in the bar afterwards whatever the result". And didn't we just !!!

  11. Steve - I'm amazed that you're even still alive! It has just about sunk in now and I've been smiling all day. I had a lot of really good comments from people I didn't even know on Saturday which is always pleasing and I think a mark that we did a good job. Always worth more than your mum telling you how proud she is...!

    I can't comment on any other performacne because I didn't hear any but all I can say is that I was pleased with our performance. We performed exactly what we'd put together in the practices over the week before and I know we were all very content with that even before the results. Some very good individual performances from us on the day and an overall solid display form the band generally I think. But most of all - as you've already highlighted - superb direction from Ian Dickinson.
  12. maryellan

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    I listened to the 2nd Section on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised how this section has improved this year. Congratulations must go to Filton Concert Brass and Shrewton Silver for winning the 2nd section . Both these bands put in good safe performances. I wish you all the best for Harrogate.
    However Cinderford and Brunel Brass must be disappointed as their performances on the day were, I felt far more musical but perhaps less safe?
  13. tinytim

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    Congratulations to Portishead. We were reasonably pleased with our (Weston Brass's) 5th place in the 3rd Section (one place better than last year), but hoped for better. Pit we couldn't make it a North Somerset double. We've certainly improved under Tony Osborne, so upwards and onwards for next year! If anyone saw 4BR's Twitter photo of "Weymouth's front row" it was wrong! They were ours!
  14. Boo2LittleChef

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    I agree on the standards improvement overall as I listened to just about every band. I do disagree however though on Brunel - it all seemed a bit top and bottom heavy at times and there was no detail in the middle of the band. Perhaps they've peaked after losing some of their quality players?
  15. weenie

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    A huge well done to all the Gloucestershire & Bristol bands this weekend..........great set of results!
  16. MartinEbTuba

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    MaryEllen - yes, it was exceedingly disappointing to have placed 5th on Sunday. I personally thought we gave a good performance and was hoping for a top 3 position. However, having said that, we were up against some really quality bands, and I don't think there's anyone in Brunel who has any complaints about the contest or results.

    We've had a fantastic run over the last few years - and it's been the most incredible musical journey for us all. I suppose we've been spoiled to a certain degree by our success, and I think this years regional contest has really felt like coming down to earth with a bump!

    So yes, I'm devastated and heartbroken - but I'm also feeling incredibly inspired. After all, how cool is it to be a brass player at the moment: banding is still going strong in the west; we've got brass band music featuring on prime time TV! All in all, the future looks bright :D
  17. RobBari

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    Well said!:tup
  18. Chris Hicks

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    Championship Section:
    Sunday 14th March

    The Forum
    Draw: 1pm
    Commences: (not before) 3.30pm
    Adjudicators: David Horsfield & Stan Lippeatt

    1. Flowers (Paul Holland), 7*
    2. Camborne Town (Ian Porthouse), 4*
    3. Woodfalls (Professor Nicholas Childs), 1
    4. Mount Charles (Phillip McCann), 10
    5. St Dennis (Philip Harper), 2
    6. Lydbrook (Tom Brevic), 6
    7. Sherborne Town (Paul Cosh), 9
    8. Helston Town (John Hitchins), 3
    9. Poole Borough (Phil Randell), 8
    10. Yeovil Town (Kevin Robbins), 5

    *Top 2 bands qualify for the Finals

    Courtesy of 4br

    Thought i'd stick in the full results for the top section as it hadn't been done!

    And so to my opinion of sunday! Unfortunately heard none of the second section which was a shame particularly wanted to hear Bristol East and Kingswood but i was driving through Newton Abbot as you went on so that wasn't to happen!

    On to the top section, i heard bands 1 through to 7 and thought flowers thoroughly deserved the victory, i said it would be a couple of points a head, which was something that was confirmed by the adjudicators! Lydbrook i thought also put in a decent performance and were also well deserved of their top 6 placing! I thought Helston might have come a few places higher but that wasn't to be, and would agree with cambourne in 2nd, unfortunately didn't hear mount charles, or really hear any reviews either so no idea about their placing!

    Overall, thoroughly enjoyable contest, with a great test piece! Looking like the line up for RAH is going to be very strong this year!
  19. ophicliede

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    Brunel peaking??

    Thanks for your comments regarding Brunel Brass - however you are incorrect in suggesting we have peaked after losing some of our quality players. Brunel Brass consists mainly of young players that are home bred and after the National Finals last September four of the youngsters went off to university, co-principal cornet, flugel, 1st horn and percussionist. Those players places were filled with youngsters from the Great Western Youth Band in keeping with the ethos and principles of Brunel Band - to nuture future young brass players for the movement.

    The band has been promoted to the section higher in three successive years performing against increasingly more experienced bands on far more challenging music. Kingdom of Dragons was a difficult, but excellent testpiece for the 2nd Section and I take my hat off to Phil Harper for his composition. Brunel Brass is not a band that must win a contest at any cost (bringing in ringers) and we consider our progress to be a fantastic musical journey, especially as two of the new players to the band were only 12 years old (the flugel and percussion). As a band we only rehearse once a week but did have four extra rehearsals on the testpiece, so we consider that to take a fifth place on our debut in the 2nd section is not an under achievement but rather a great position to be in. After all we were 5th in our first ever regional contest 2007. Congratulations and good luck to the winners and qualifiers!!
  20. Gerald

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    Having attended the west of England brass band championships, I felt moved to comment on some very impressive features of the whole competition. The playing by the 4th section bands of that charming test piece, The Saint-Saens variations was delightful and Flowers victory was well deserved and most impressive. I have followed the fortunes of some of the bands in the lower sections, and on Sunday morning in Torquay I came across a little gem. Swindon Pegasus Brass, who have failed to make any significant impression over the last couple of years, gave a performance under their new director, which demonstrated commendable tone quality and a very professional standard overall. I thought they deserved better than their 3rd placing and I shall be intrigued to see how much progress they have made by this time next year. What a superb example to others, well done!
    Overall, the general increase in band standards was very encouraging and it is nice to see the movement in such good hands!