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    The Committee of the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival are pleased to announce news of the 2009 competition.

    The West Of England Bandsmen’s Festival has been running since 1912 when the Gramophone was in its infancy and wireless had not yet been invented. It was intended to be a one-off event to raise funds for the building of a Working Men's Institute in the village of Bugle, but such was the success of the day with 6,000 visiting to see this tremendous event it was decided to continue as a festival in its own right.

    The contest has been held every year since, except for breaks when the two World Wars brought a temporary end to such social gatherings. Much has changed, but the Festival has remained true to its original concept as an open-air event.

    The event has had many famous bands, including Black Dyke and Munn & Feltons competing in the same years that they won the National Finals, and has had many of the country’s top adjudicators in attendance including Eric ball who officiated 5 times in the 1960s and 70s.

    The morning of the contest day begins with a march to the contest ground. This was initially introduced at the inaugural Festival in 1912, and has been retained as a popular feature ever since, although optional for the bands.

    A comprehensive list of prizes is available with over 40 trophies competed for each year. Pride of place goes to the Royal Trophy, which is awarded to the Championship Section winners. It was presented to the Festival in 1913, by the late Duke of Windsor, then Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, and to this day is the only trophy with a royal connection in the brass band world.

    Out of the 84 competitions staged since 1912, there have been many bands from the Cornwall region who have been long time supporters: Namely St Dennis Silver band attending 72 times, Indian Queens band attending 67 times, Camborne Town Band attending 63 bands, St Austell Band (the 2008 Championship winners) attending 57 times and the local Bugle Silver Band the current 2nd section winners) attending 44 times. Obviously this unique competition is open to any band across the country, and The West of England Bandsmen’s Festival Committee would welcome bands from far and wide to attend and spend a wonderful time in Cornwall.

    The date for the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival is Saturday 20th June 2009

    The venue, as ever, is Molinnis Park, Bugle, Cornwall.

    The Test pieces are as follows


    Test Piece: Partita - Philip Sparke (Pub. Studio Music)

    March: Honest Toil - William Rimmer (Pub. Wright & Round)


    Test Piece: Variations for Brass Band - Vaughan Williams (Pub. Studio Music)

    Hymn: There is a Green Hill Far Away - Arr. Roy Newsome (Pub. Obrasso)


    Test Piece: Partita (Postcards from Home) - Philip Wilby (Pub. Winwood Music)

    March: Brass Ablaze - Goff Richards (Pub. Obrasso)


    Test Piece: St. Michaels Mount - Eric Ball (Pub. R. Smith & Co.)


    Test Piece: West Sou’ West - Denzil Stephens (Pub. Wright & Round)


    Test Piece: Spiritual Sounds - Trad. Arr. Alan Fernie (Pub. Obrasso)

    The schedule for the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival will be released Later December 2008 / Early January 2009

    For further information and updates please visit the new West of England Bandsmen’s Festival website at www.buglebandcontest.co.uk or you can e-mail Mark Arnold at woebf@yahoo.co.uk
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