West Of England 2011

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  1. BassBlaster

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    Wow, just come back from band, playing Le Carnival Romain. Really enjoyed it, I couldn`t believe how much music is inside the whole piece and anyone who just turns up thinking it`s going to be easy will have a shock.
    Now I have played this many times, but never really played it if you know what I mean.
    As a BBb bass player I have loads of work to do, Stamina, tight playing and dynamic changes, just to start with.
    I am looking foward to the challenge and hope everyone agrees this is a tough piece, the first section is really tight this year and most bands will put in a class performance.
    Looking foward to hearing the other sections, really good pieces, good venue and i`m glad to be back banding, I just want rehearsal every night now....Someone doesn`t have a life!!!.
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  2. tubbytuba

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    Well i have to agree BassBlasters comments,a real handful to play,the bass section is quite pushed and it is a huge stamina test!!! At the moment im not looking forward to it lol
  3. ophicliede

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    Resurgam will be a real challenge for all of us bands in the second section, with so much style, phrasing and mood changes. A real test for playing with control in beautifully shaped phrases, some which are oh so softly played. A brass musicians nightmare!

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