West Of England 2010 welcomes 2 National Champions

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    Torquay 2010 welcomes the return of 2 National Champions. Brunel Brass and St Brewards. What a year it has been for these bands!!!! . What a year it has been for the West of England. :clap::clap::clap:
    Can anybody help me with this problem. When did we last have 2 winners in the same year from the West Of England?

    Well done to these bands and to The West of England.
    It will be interesting to see how these bands perform in their higher sections. I for one will make sure i go in and listen to these bands.
    Lets all hope they perform well and play like National Champions Of Great Britain.:clap:
  2. The West did do really well,you could almost include Camborne B as well,they came 3rd in the 2nd section national finals,this band is 95% made up from Camborne Youth you have won 6 national titles on the trot including The National Premier Youth Band title in 2009
  3. Paddy Flower

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    Above a bookmakers
    Paddy dusts off the anorak...

    Test Valley 3rd Section champs
    Lympstone 4th Section champs

    interestingly they were the only WoE bands to get a shout from the stage at that year's finals, Sherborne (8th in the 2nd section) were the best of the rest
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