West Mercia Constabulary Festival of non contesting bands

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  1. David Francis

    David Francis Member

    Music Festival for Non-Competing Bands

    The band of the West Mercia Constabulary are organising a 'get together'of non-competing bands on Sunday 24th February, 2008 at Police H.Q. , Hindlip Hall, Worcester, WR3 8SP.
    Although there are no definite participants at this stage, enough interest has been generated to indicate that there will be enough bands to make a successful day of music making.
    The length of time allocated to each band on stage has not been decided as yet , but will probably be about 40 mins.
    If your band no longer takes part in contesting and you would like to participate in a day of music making and comraderie then contact Dai Francis at Davidfjane@aol.com
  2. StevePJ

    StevePJ Member

    The Band of West Mercia Constabulary

    Brass Band Festival 2008 - for non contesting bands

    Sunday 24 February 2008

    West Mercia Constabulary Headquarters
    Hindlip Hall
    WR3 8SP
    (5 minutes from junction 6 M5)

    Programme of Events

    12.00pm Conductors Masterclass/Presentation
    Steve Pritchard-Jones will lead an informative and practical session for conductors and players assisted by The Band of West Mercia Constabulary.

    1.00pm - 5.30pm Individual Band Performances.

    5.30pm – 6.00pm Concert by The Band of West Mercia Constabulary.

    6.15pm – 6.45pm Massed Bands involving all participating bands.

    Each participating band will perform a programme of music lasting between 30 and 40 minutes. Following the performance each band will be given a private appraisal by Steve Pritchard-Jones.

    Food and drink will be available throughout the day.

    Trade stand specialising in music for lower section bands.

    Bar open.

    Non contesting bands that would like to take part in this exciting festival please contact David Francis 01495 303120 or 07884 240415.
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  3. StevePJ

    StevePJ Member

    PRESS RELEASE: The Band of the West Mercia Constabulary Community Music Festival 2008.

    The final details for the inaugural music festival for non contesting bands have been released. The event taking place at West Mercia Constabulary Headquarters, Hindlip Hall, Worcester on Sunday 24th February 2008 will feature 5 non contesting bands plus the West Mercia Band. Each band will perform a programme of music of between 30 and 40 minutes and the event will conclude with massed bands.

    Tony Creswell of Mostyn Music will be in attendance with a trade stand of music and brass accessories. The bar will be open and food available all day. There is no charge for the public as the whole day has free admission.

    Order of play

    12 noon Welcome by Eddie Barry QPM and Steve Pritchard-Jones
    12.30pm Cleobury Mortimer Brass Band
    1.30pm Royal Spa Brass Band
    2.30pm The Band of West Mercia Constabulary
    3.30pm Gloucester Police Band
    4.30pm Sabrina/Stiperstones Brass Band
    5.30pm Burbage Silver Band
    6.30 Massed Bands

    If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the band secretary Dai Francis 01495 303 120 or MD Steve Pritchard-Jones 07834 855 06
  4. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Athies, Pas de Calais, France
    Good luck with this initiative, please make sure you report how it went.
  5. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    Hi All

    I have just arrived back from our 1st West Mercia Constabulary Music Festival and thought I would give you a brief unofficial write up on the event.

    We kicked off at 12:00pm with a welcome to all the attending bands from our Chairman Eddie Barry, and then welcomed the first band to the stage, Cleobury Mortimer. As with all the bands they played a good and varied selection of pieces including, Cachucha, And all that Jazz and finished with Bandstand Boogie.

    We then saw Royal Spa Brass take to the stage. They opened with Parade of the Charioteers (from Ben-Hur) and featured other pieces such as A Disney Fantasy and finished with Backdraft.

    After Royal Spa came my band, the Hosts West Mercia Constabulary under the direction of Steve Pritchard-Jones. We opened with the March "The Champions". and featured two soloists Richard Waterhouse on Euphonium, who played James Curnow's Rhapsody for Euphonium and me with Alan Fernie's "Carrickfurgus". We finished with the first movement from Leighton Lucas's Symphonic Suite for Brass Band "Toccata".

    We then saw our neighbouring force band from Gloucestershire constabulary under the direction of Sue Mills. They again put on a good show with another varied programme which included a lovely arrangement of "She moves through the fair" arranged by one of there Ex Cornet players Matt Kingston. They featured Solo Horn player Clive Miles with "Lark in the Clear Air" and finished with the main Theme from the film "Superman".

    The last two bands were Sabrina and Stiperstones band and Burbage Silver Band.

    Due to illness and other commitments in both Sabrina and Stiperstones bands, they decided rather than not attend the event they would get together and form one band from the two. They played some classic concert pieces such as "The Magnificent 7", Where Eagles Dare" and finished with "Old English Dances".

    Burbage finished the individual band performances and included a couple of solo items "Share my Yoke" played by tMPs very own Cubbrep and "Buster Strikes back" flugel solo by tMPs MelC and finished with "Fanfare and Solioquy".

    After a short presentation of Certificates of Attendance from our Chairman Eddie Barry all remaining players assembled at the back of the hall for a massed band performance of 4 marches.

    I would like to personally thank Dai Francis and Steve PJ for their work behind the scenes to organise the event and most importantly to all the players and their bands for supporting the event.

    If anyone who attended the event would like to make any sugestions on how we can improve it for next year please contact Dai Francis on secretary@westmerciapoliceband.biz.ly or myself mustmart@aol.com we would appreciate any feedback you can give.

  6. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    Hinckley Leicestershire.
    To all the bands that took part today,I would like to say that the standard was very good.Just like SPJ said,there are bands who played today who are quite capable of competing in the 4th section.But that is up to each individual band.Over all,the day was well put together and I would like to thank everyone involved in the organisation.
    If there are any other non contesting bands out there,I would encourage them to take part.That is if this festival will carry on for non contesting bands.
    Over all a very good days banding and well organised.Well done to Dai and West Mercia Constabulary Band.And thanks to Steve for his comments.I am sure that some of the bands will go away and put some of the comments that were made to good use.I know that Burbage will,as they intend to start contesting soon.
    Once again,many thanks.
  7. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    Hi Richard

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement towards the other bands who took part and the event organisers of which I will pass on tonight at our committee meeting.

    Good luck at the areas and please pass on my best wishes to Burbage in their quest to start contesting again
  8. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    Hinckley Leicestershire.
    I meant every word Martin.It gives this type music festival a good name,not only for those bands that took part,but for the brass banding community.Whether they contest or not.As I said in my previous post,there are bands out there that are good enough to contest,but don't wish to.It is every bands perogative whether to contest or not.But to play at such a well organised event as was yesterday,I am sure that there are some bands that will read all about it and take part next time.The more the merrier.
    Burbage are a band that in time will make a mark in the 4th section when they start contesting.They have a good MD who in only a few months has turned the band around.They have a few holes to fill,but I don't think it will be long before players start turning up to want to play for them.
    They are a very happy bunch of players and do enjoy playing.Some of them play for higher section bands as I do and Hank the euph player also Chris on trombone.Once again,well done and keep up the good work.Good luck at the area's and will see you in Bedworth.
    Please express thanks from me and Burbage to all at West Mercia for a job well done.
    And a special thankyou to Steve for his comments.I am sure the band will take note and improve in the areas mentioned.
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