West Lothian Festival Of Brass

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  1. JTKBrass

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    Result from tonight's first semi-final of the WLC FoB

    1. Kingdom Brass
    2. Co-operative Funeralcare
    3. Bon Accord

    The second semi-final is next Sunday, featuring Whitburn, Kirkintilloch and Clackmannan.
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    Whitburn join Kingdom in the West Lothian Challenge final on 27/06/10. Full points and programmes played for both semi-finals can be found at the SBBA website.

  3. JTKBrass

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    The Final!

    Great evening's entertainment at the West Lothian Final last night. Well done to Whitburn on their win. Adjudicators were Alan Morrison and Alan Fernie.

    1. Whitburn (94 + 47 = 141)
    2. Kingdom Brass (91 + 48 = 139)

    Best Soloist - Alec Philip (Whitburn, trombone)
    Best New Composition - Libertango (Whitburn)
    Audience Award - An American Tale (Kirkintilloch)
    Best Sectional Piece - Minstrel Boy from Gaelforce (Kingdom Brass)

    KINGDOM BRASS (Andrew Duncan)

    When Kingdom Comes
    Variations on a Tyrolean Song (cornet soloist Raf Van Looveren)
    Keystone Cops
    It Don't Mean a Thing
    Coconut Champagne
    Minstrel Boy (from Gaelforce)
    Concerto for Two Xylophones
    Procession to the Minster

    WHITBURN BAND (Frank Renton)

    Faniculi - Fanicula Rhapsody
    Oblivion (flugel horn soloist Chris Bradley)
    Bach Variations
    You are the Sunshine of My Life
    Norwegian Wood
    Pure Imagination
    Hunting Wabbits
    Shine as the Light

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