Wessex Winter Contest - Saturday 28th November, 2009

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  1. ophicliede

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    There are 23 bands entered although some withdrawals:

    Bath Spa
    Brunel Brass
    Friary Guildford
    Gillingham Imperial
    New Forest
    Ocean Brass
    Phoenix Brass
    Spinnaker Withdrawn
    Storm Brass Withdrawn
    Swindon Brass
    Test Valley

    Starting at Approximately 9.00 am til approximately 5.00 pm

    It is an open section with prizes for bands graded in their national's gradings.

    Adjudicator: Brian C Buckley

    Own Choice Testpiece

    Venue: Weymouth Pavilion
  2. euphsrock

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    Do you know who's withdrawn?
  3. Getzonica

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    It said on the list, didn't it?

    I think Spinnaker Brass and Storm Brass have withdrawn.

    How does an open section work? (I've only ever played at the regionals).
  4. euphsrock

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    Oh yeh. I am just stupid and blind.
  5. Accidental

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    Each band enters under their National grading, playing a own choice test piece from that grading or higher. The bands will play in one mixed section and the adjudicator will award overall placings.
    The highest placed bands from each National Section will also win their own section prizes.
    (I think the Scottish Open does this format too?)
  6. Rebel Tuba

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    It would mean that a 1st section band (Band X) could actually win the contest by scoring more points than a championship band (Band Y).

    Band X would also win the 1st Section

    Band Y would win the Championship section.

    Its a great format and lets, especially local bands, compete on equal terms with the chance to perform a "giant-killing"
  7. Getzonica

    Getzonica Active Member

    This sounds interesting
  8. Paddy Flower

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    Heeeeeeeeeerrrree's Paddy...

    Woodfalls - 11/8 fav
    Friary Guildford - 13/2
    Sandhurst - 11/1
    Otterbourne - 16/1
    Brunel Brass - 16/1
    Michelmersh - 18/1
    Verwood - 20/1
    Hyde - 20/1
    Shrewton - 33/1
    Ocean Brass - 50/1
    Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) - 66/1
    Denmead - 100/1
    Bath Spa - 150/1
    Gillingham Imperial - 250/1
    Weymouth - 350/1
    Corsham - 500/1
    Solent Concert - 500/1
    Test Valley - 1,000/1
    Swindon Brass - 2,000/1
    New Forest - 5,000/1
    Gosport - 10,000/1
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  9. Paddy Flower

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    I'll do a section by section breakdown tomorrow, watch this space
  10. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Only Woodfalls are Championship Section. The rest...

    First Section
    Friary Guildford - 11/5 fav
    Sandhurst - 4/1
    Otterbourne - 11/2
    Michelmersh - 6/1
    Hyde - 7/1
    Ocean Brass - 18/1

    Second Section
    Verwood - 11/10 fav
    Shrewton - 11/4
    Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) - 9/2
    Gillingham Imperial - 25/1
    Solent Concert - 66/1

    Third Section
    Brunel Brass - 1/3 fav
    Denmead - 11/2
    Bath Spa - 11/1
    Corsham - 33/1

    Fourth Section
    Weymouth - Evens fav
    Test Valley - 4/1
    Swindon Brass - 6/1
    New Forest - 8/1
    Gosport - 33/1

    I hope i've got everyone in the right section, it's based on my understanding of '09 gradings
  11. Getzonica

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    What ever happens, I'm really looking forward to it :)
  12. Getzonica

    Getzonica Active Member

    Anyone know the results?
  13. IJK

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    Corsham came joint 3rd but that is all I know as they are all ****ed in pub at the moment
  14. fartycat

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    Woodies won, Michelmarsh came 2nd (well done them), both conducted by Melvin White.
  15. ophicliede

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    Full Results:

    1st Woodfalls (Championship Section) Montage
    2nd Michelmersh (1st Section) The Saga of Haakon the Good
    3rd Sandhurst (1st Section) Year of the Dragon
    4th Ocean Brass (1st Section) Triumphant Rhapsody
    5th Otterbourne Brass (1st Section) Purcell Variations
    6th Friary Guildford (1st Section) Dances and Alleluias
    7th Shrewton (2nd Section) Paganini Variations
    8th Bath Spa (3rd Section) Suite for Brass
    9th Verwood Concert (2nd Section) Coventry Variations
    10th Brunel Brass (3rd Section) Rhapsody in Brass
    11th Phoenix Brass (2nd Section) Triumphant Rhapsody
    12th Gillingham Imperial (2nd Section) Music for a Festival
    13th Hyde (1st Section) Prisms
    14th Test Valley Brass (4th Section) Three Howarth Impressions
    15th Denmead Brass (3rd Section) Purcell Variations
    16th Weymouth Concert (4th Section) Divertimento
    17th Corsham (3rd Section) Music for a Festival
    18th New Forest Brass (4th Section) Partita
    19th Swindon Brass (4th Section) Divertimento
    20th Gosport Silver (4th Section) Little Suite for Brass

    Adjudicator Brian Buckley
  16. fartycat

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    These come from my partner's notes in her programme:

    Championship -

    1st Woodfalls - Melvin White - played Montage

    1st Section

    1st Michelmarsh - Melvin White - The Saga of Haakon the Good
    2nd Sandhurst - Ian McElligott - Year of the Dragon
    3rd Ocean Brass - Nick Grace - Triumphant Rhapsody

    2nd Section

    1st Shrewton - Michael Dunford - Paganini Variations
    2nd Verwood - David Johnson - Coventry Variations
    3rd Phoenix Brass - Paul Slaton - Triumphant Rhapsody

    3rd Section

    1st Bath Spa - tba - Suite for Brass
    2nd Brunel Brass - John Winterflood - Rhapsody in Brass
    3rd ?????

    4th Section

    1st Test Valley - Steve Large - Three Howarth Impressions
    2nd Weymouth - Adam Glynn - Divertimento
    3rd New Forest Brass - Ian Luxford - Partita

    Woodies won best band, best championship band, best soloist (Scott Stewart Trombone), Best Euph (Graham Lawrence) and best basses.

    Michelmarsh won best conductor and best solo cornet. Don't know who else won what or the complete order.
  17. fartycat

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    lol, ophicliede, you beat me to it!
  18. ophicliede

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    Best Soloist in Championship Section Scott Stewart - Trombone Woodfalls, Best Instrumentalist of the day Paul Richards - Soprano Cornet Brunel Brass.
  19. GbHandlebar

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    Also, I think Sandhurst got Best Percussion.

    BTW, I enjoyed the new format - it made for a more varied experience when in the audience and I think that having all bands listed together made the results more interesting too.
  20. Llamedos

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    Well done to all at Bath Spa!!! result!! Avvve ittt!! (to quote one of the Front row!!)