Wessex Tubas - 3-year Warranty!!!

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    After 2 years in business with only a handful of minor problems with Wessex instruments, we are delighted with immediate effect to offer an exceptional 3-years warranty on all instruments sold by Wessex Tubas against manufacturing defects. This covers the replacement of parts and/or cost of any repairs and applies to all Wessex instruments sold since we started business.

    3-Year Warranty.jpg

    The Wessex Range that now includes all instruments for the brass band -

    SPECIAL OFFER - four basses for £8,000, or a whole band set for only £15,000!!!

    www.Wessex-tubas.co.uk - tel. 07787 504987

    Visit the Wessex trade stand at Yorkshire and Scottish regional contests this March and try for yourself how good is our brass...and be amazed

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