Wessex 40 years young!

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    Wessex 40 years young

    2009 sees the 40th anniversary of the Wessex Band Summer School.

    The course was originally the idea of two 16-year-old Blandford schoolboys, John Grinnell and Andrew Pitts, who, disappointed at not being able to take part in their county youth orchestra’s residential course due to financial cutbacks, set about organising their own 4-day course.

    It grew to involve youngsters from local bands under the direction of Courtney Bosanko, then of John and Margaret Grinnell and in recent years by a committee of dedicated people.

    Anyone who has been on the course will always remember the unique atmophere created with real warmth.

    The 40th Wessex Band Summer School will be host to a festive atmosphere celebrating the ruby anniversary of the course.

    All past and present members of the Wessex Band Summer School and the Wessex Youth Band Course are invited to join in with the celebrations. There will be a marquee with Hog Roast, Bar and a reunion band, please do bring your instruments to the event! A small donation of £5 will be used to cover some of the costs for the evening.

    The Oakmead College of Technology School will be host to the event on Friday 31st July from 6pm, and everyone is invited to be part of the audience for this years course concert on Saturday 1st August.


    For more information, contact to: Howard Bland, Honorary Secretary at Email: secretary@wessexband.com

    Tel: 0116 2395752

    Postal Address:
    5 Barton Close
    LE6 0HL

    For anymore information, visit: www.wessexband.com

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