Wessex 2004 members needed!!!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by hornguy1, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. hornguy1

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    The Wessex band course is still looking for members! If any of you would like to go on this amazing week of music making then places are still available on all instruments, especially basses and also clarinets and flutes in the wind band. As the website states
    "This years course will be the 35th and it is hoped that a reunion of ex-members and tutors can be arranged for a special social evening during the week. This will also be the 20th year of principle conductor Derek Broadbent and new works will be premiered.

    2004 is not to be missed, so enrol as soon as you can and bring a friend!!"

    For any information then visit www.wbss.net
    Thanks!!! :D
  2. sneery

    sneery New Member

    What is this Wessex Band Course?

    When is it on?
  3. hornguy1

    hornguy1 Member

    Good questions! Got this info from the website www.wbss.net
    The course is for woodwind, brass and percussion musicians of all ages and standards. Abilities range from beginners to those of diploma standard. It is open to people from all parts of the country.

    Students join one of three bands appropriate to their standard and instrument. No auditions are necessary.

    Accommodation is not provided by the course, but members choose the style of accommodation that suits them, all of which is plentiful in the area:

    Holiday cottages for groups and families
    Bed and Breakfast
    Travel daily from home
    Hotels and guest houses

    The course runs from Monday July 26th to Saturday July 31st 2004.

    Hope that helps people a bit! PLease come along and you'll have a great time!! I promise!!!!
  4. sneery

    sneery New Member

    Sounds fantastic,
    is anyone else from TMP going?
    Ced x
  5. Lisa

    Lisa Member

    I'm not going. But I used to go. And can say that it's a really fantastic course which I really really enjoyed. With a very friendly and unique atmosphere. Used to love it! Definitely worth going to and although it's not far away now i'm sure it's not too late to apply :)
  6. louise0502

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    hornguy1 - is that you stimmo? (have i asked you that before)

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