were we robbed? where's the CD?

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  1. We played stonkingly well at the finals last weekend, and achieved everything that we wanted to (with the small exception of persuading the men in the box that we deserved first place!;))

    I was just considering though that even though I didn't disappear to the pub straight away, and I DID go to listen to the bands who played after we did, I didn't get to hear the winning performance because they played before us. I would have loved to hear it! I would still love to hear it!

    I think it would be a great idea to not just have your own performance on the CD that you get, but also the performance of the winning band. I don't think there would be any objections, the winning band has already won, they must have played well to win, and be happy with the result.:clap:

    Is there any reason why this shouldn't happen? Would it happen if we all signed a disclaimer saying we agree for this to happen? I want to hear the difference between us as the adjudicators did!

    It won't change the result - I don't want that to happen anyway - I just want to hear the difference. If "musical interpretation" is the difference - fine! we disagree! that's life! I just want to hear the winning performance!:clap:
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    I've been in banding for 30 years (ouch!) had my fair share of ups and downs as a player and I also (funnily enough) deal with recordings.

    An adjudication is based upon a moment in time not on rewinding 4 before Q to see if the bass trombone player of Ecky Thump Elastic Band really did knock over that middle Eb that's lost you 0.25 points. It's also made (usually) from a different perspective than the recording etc etc.

    Bottom line IMO is, although I can see where you're coming from, it's a pretty pointless exercise.
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    Contests are judged by individuals. While a band may have thought they did well, two people in a box thought differently. It would be a boring old world if we all thought the same!
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    I believe there is a commercially produced CD of the 4 (5?) winning performances from the nationals, unless I dreamt i've seen it in internet world somewhere. . .
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    Looks like I misread that - I thought the OP wanted copies of all the recordings :hammer
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    You haven't dreampt it!
    For the last 2 years (2006 and 2007) the Nationals Highlights CD has had all five winning performances on it and 2008 will be the same.
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    I know this is going back a fair while, but I remember that in 1993 we got a tape ( :shock: )not only our performance but also those of the 4 lower section winners from that year...not exactly sure what purpose it served - it's not like it changed the result - but it was an interesting comparitive tool I suppose.
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  11. Ooops!

    Perhaps I mislead in my original post title - the fate of trying to get readers! :oops:

    I REALLY don't mind about the result - yes I would have liked to win the prizes- but we didn't.

    I REALLY DO consider the whole weekend to be a massive success for the band (apart from my dodgy stomach on the coach trip home :(). The weekend was so much more than how we performed on the day, including (but not limited to):

    how (and how much) we rehearsed
    what we learnt
    how the band fitted together
    how we raised enough money to come to Harrogate
    how much we enjoyed the satisfaction of delivering the music that our MD wanted to project
    how much different members of the band had craick (or banter if you prefer) with other bands
    how the band coped with a weekend away - and the quiz on the bus
    and finally - what we did on stage

    I was very happy - even before we went on stage - with our success. And this coming from the man who upset a few in my band by suggesting that "we can always aspire to play better", after we won the area.

    All I wanted to say was I would like to appreciate (in the same way the adjudicators did) the winning performance. Cos I missed it - and I suspected many others did too. I thoroughly understand, "the men in box need to make a decision". I don't have a problem with that.

    It makes me smile though. I imagine a sculpting contest between (for example) Michaelangelo, Rodin, Lalique, and Epstein. Exact instructions are given (as Mr Wadsworth tells us that exact intructions are given in the music). body - two legs - one head, nose, 2 arms, each with elbow etc. There could be nothing clearer. The statues arrive-
    Do we prefer a perfect massive marble Michaelangelo, a lifesize bronze Rodin full of romance, the small glass erotic Lalique, or the angstful Epstein? We can appreciate them all, we have our favourite today - but it might be different tomorrow if we feel differently. I just thought it would be nice to appreciate the winning performance.

    Thanks ploughboy! That's what I wanted! - I'm not sure I want to pay £14 though - I got to hear 6 or 7 live bands for £7.50 on Sat :clap: (well done everyone - I picked things that I liked from every performance!) I suppose I was trying to get it as an added extra for free on our own recording at no extra cost! :oops:

    I apologise for the misleading title.... watch out for more misleading titles in the future!
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    I dissagree with your comments....you dont want to hear the winning band, you just want to hear the band that won! Dont be afraid to say it...you really wish to compare your own idea's of which was the better performance, then slag off the band that he in the box chose to get the cup. Am I right or what? :)
  13. ploughboy

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    Clearly you are NOT right - as our friend has just written a well worded lengthy reply just on the off chance that anyone was taking offence. I think it's a very reasonable thing to want to hear the winning performance.

    There is no need for your post -
  14. Gorgie boy

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    Well said that man. Johnny is a good friend of mine, and I know for a fact that if Johnny says that he would simply like to hear the winning performance then who on earth is Bandsman 1 to challenge that???
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    Yeah - I often feel frustrated not having heard the other bands because half the enjoyment of contesting is wondering if your band's interpretation is the same (be that as good as or not) as others. Your only chance is to find out at the contest itself and then you mostly miss the bands that you particularly wanted to hear. Surprised that this little money spinner hasn't been eploited yet!

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    As a member of the winning band in the 3rd section (still on a high) I believe from previous experience that doyen did do a recording of the top 3/4 in each section that was available for the same price as those of the individual recordings......

    I guess you could just ask them if they will do you a copy to listen to?

    I will be ordering copies from them will be asking after band tonight if everyone wants a copy for posteritys sake first.....
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    I think all the conductors involved in a contest would find it very useful to hear the winning performance, as would any player who takes contesting remotely seriously.
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    My sister has a CD of when she played in the Second Section National Finals at the Albert Hall in 2000 on Abstractions. The recording I believe was by Doyen and is very good quality and I think they recorded all bands on the weekend if I am not mistaken...they certainly didn't win. A shame if this is not the case any more. If it was you could get every recording of bands in your section and be adjudicator for a day!!!!
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    We didn't have the best result on Sunday but as a band we all all felt that we had played reasonably well, although not our very best.
    After reading the adjudicators remarks our MD was incredibly disappointed.
    The following morning and a karaoke and curry later, he listened to the recording of our band and realised that we were nowhere near as bad as the comments had seemed to make us, and all in all we had done everything that he had asked us to do.
    This made him immensely happier. HOWEVER...... He had listened to the winning band on stage and had realised that their interpretation of the piece was very different to our own. The fact that the men in the box felt that the winning bands performance was far superior to ours is not the issue and should never be. If you can walk off stage feeling that you have done yourself and your band justice then that should be good enough !
    There will be occassons when a specific performance is either very right or very wrong and it will be down to the people in the box to decide.
    Just to add THIS is not sour grapes. I fully appreciate that interpretation is the one thing that a band cannot account for. A certain Mr Ball was placed second when conducting a band because the adjudicator felt that the bands performance of one of his compositions was not how the composer had intended the piece to be played !
    It would be nice to here the winning performances on CD, available to all, but all this will do will tell you how a couple of well respected and knowledgable people felt about the piece.
    Be confident in your own bands interpretation of the piece and if it doesn't win on the day be happy that you played well !!

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