Wem Jubilee Youth Band Summer Season

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    Today the Youth Band started their summer concert schedule with a performance at Cockshutt Village Fete.

    The band has appeared here for a number of years, and always looks forward to performing here.

    The afternoon got off to a poor start when the heavens opened while we were setting up. The organizers had this sorted within minutes though, when they brought out a side cover to the canopy we were playing under.:clap:

    As soon as we had settled down to play out came the sun, and so did the audience. The band is always well received at this event, and today was no exception.

    We opened up with Bruce Fraser's suite called Three Renaissance Dances (Mr. Fraser also wrote the third section finals test piece the senior band are about to get used to playing!) We then went into a selection of music from Bernaerts Young band series. These include love is a song (from Bambi) and the John Dunbar Theme from the movie Dances with Wolves.

    We finished off our 30 minuet program with a piece the band has worked extremely hard on, Toccata in D Minor. This is the piece the youth band rehearsed for and recorded on the new CD to be produced to celebrate the Band's 30th Anniversary.

    So all in all, an excellent day's music making.
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    Aw bless ... Well done Craigy