Welsh Themed Music for Tenor Horn

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  1. I am attempting to compile a 20 minute A' level recital for Tenor Horn with the common theme of 'Welsh'. The student is currently working towards her grade 8 although music of around a grade 7 standard overall is sufficient for potentially attaining the highest marks. Any suggestions??

    She is already learning 'Variations on a Welsh Theme' by Peter Kneale (hence the idea of a Welsh themed recital). This is approximately 8 minutes long.

    Do I recall there being an air-varie of Men of Harlech?

    All suggestions considered and appreciated.


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    I attempted this many, many years ago, but the arrangement I had was for trombone/ Euph. Don't know if there's one for tenor horn.

    How about Jenny Jones?
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    there's always Jenny Jones.

    Not really sure off the top of my head but if you made it a celtic themed recital rather than just wales it would open up a load more options.
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    Another air varie, ... The Ash Grove, but for a change of style, how about David of the White Rock?

  5. She already used The Ash Grove for a recording in her first year of A' levels unfortunately.

    David of the White Rock I'm not familiar with. What kind of music is it? I'll need to varie the styles for a better all round recital.

    With regards the Celtic idea, there was also a possibility of having three pieces, one Welsh, one Scottish and one English but I was going to see if the Welsh idea worked first.

    Thanks. Keep them coming.

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    It's a hymn tune and I found it here, but I just realised this is a septet. :(

  7. By thinking about this so early I have time to arrange a hymn tune as a slow melody myself. I'd imagine there's many Welsh hymns and traditional themes I could use in such a way. I'll keep this "David..." as an option.

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    What about some Karl Jenkins stuff - think it has been arranged for trumpet with piano so a bit of transposition could be in order.

    Bing Bong Y Bing Bong Bae could last at least 20 minutes if you do all the verses!!!!!!!
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    Owen Farr has recorded Jenkins' "Salm O Dewi Sant", arranged by Gareth Small, but I don't know if there is a piano accompaniment available.
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    In the interest of more accuracy, England is not a celtic nation!
    Your`s a proud Anglo-Saxon!

    How about "Watching the Wheat" or "Suo Gan"?
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    Variations on a Welsh Theme by Peter Kneale. PM me Ryan, I think I might have it somewhere.
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    There may be one or two in Cornwall who would disagree with you :wink: :biggrin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_nations ...so we can include The Floral Dance as well
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    We all know that Cornwall is only in England when the English rugby team reaches the World Cup final, any other time and the cornish are fiercely independant! :)
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    ...and most DEFINITELY part of the Celtic nations http://www.celticgrounds.com/chapters/c-nations.htm :clap: :clap:

  20. Looks like I've sturred up the hornets' nest. I wouldn't want to start a war that results in a mouthpiece.english.com and a mouthpiece.welsh.com split. I simply meant that there was another option other than pure Welsh music, that's all. Thanks for the ideas and links so far. Much appreciated.

    p.s. I assume all of Wales and Scotland will become part of England for the day on Saturday when the best of the home nations' rugby teams takes to the field in France. :biggrin: