Welsh Regional Championships - 2010

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    Usually bands tied on points are separated on placings at the most recent contest.
  2. ne30001

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    Thanks. Though does anyone know how many bands actually likely to relegated from the championship?? If its only 2 or 3 get relegated Cwmaman should be safe then :)
  3. Thanks Rich, realty good result and Performance. Can wait for the bands first appearance in the Champ Section in RAH. Up the Ton!!!!!
  4. Al

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    Interesting! 4 down in the Championship Section and 4 Up in the Fourth. Unless the committee are able to use some sort of discretion, which I doubt they will, then the promotions/relegations will be according to the rules. Hopefully there are non-competing bands who can be encouraged to have a go next year. the 3rd Section could do with a boost.

    There were 4 new entries in the fourth section this year so I hope they will return too. There are not too many in the section as it is.

    Incidentally, in the 1st section should it be Thomas Coaches Mid-Rhondda with 21 pts who are relegated. I think Trehebert last contested in 2007.
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  5. OneTonBass

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    Good point...checked rules and therefore corrected...
    Champ: Penclawdd (25 points) + Newbridge,Burry Port & Cwmamman (all 22points) all go down
    1st: Markham (10 points) go up; Mid Rhondda(21 Points) go down; Treherbert (26 points) removed
    2nd: Tylorstown (7 points) + Deiniolen (8.5 points ) go up; Ammanford (27.5 points) + Briton Ferry (25 points) go down.
    3rd: Llwydcoed (10.5 points) go up ; Porthaethwy Menai Bridge (23 points) go down
    4th: Upper Rhondda (12 points) + Melingriffith2, Pontypool,Newport,Crwbin (all 13 points) all go up

    Again I suggest you rely on the official notification and subject to appeal etc..not on my say.

    For clarity regarding this the rules state:
    e)In the sections 1, 2, 3, 4, the bands with the two best aggregate placings over the previous three years will be promoted. In the case where two or more bands tie with equal first placing, then only these bands will be promoted. If two or more bands tie with equal second placing, then these bands, in addition to the first placed band, will be promoted.
    g) In the Championship, 1st , 2nd and 3rd sections, the two bands with the lowest aggregate placings over the last three years will be relegated. In the case where two or more bands tie with equal last placing, then only these bands will be relegated. If two or more bands tie with equal second to last placing, then these bands, in addition to the last placed band, will be relegated.
    n) Any band failing to compete for three consecutive years will be removed from the grading tables at the end of the third year, prior to the determination of promotion or relegation in that section. If such a band wishes to resume participation in the contest, it will be treated as a first time entry in accordance with Rule (i)

    Rules available from http://www.nationalbrassbandchampionships.com/


  6. tubaturk

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    Congrats Al, Dave, Mog, Mart, Rob and everyone else at Ton. Nobody can say that this result hasn't been coming.

    Enjoy it!

    Don't know where we'll be next year, but I guess we might have have to try and "do a Ton" and bounce back up from First.
  7. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Cheers Gar,
    You did it at the Senior Cup, so why not?
    Best of Luck!!
  8. In the first section, Pontardulais came 1st pal.
  9. ilovespheres

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    Had a fantastic weekend with Deiniolen which gave a brilliant performance on Saturday – a bit gutted we didn’t win but a huge congratulations to the band and my brother for picking up the best Instrumentalist in Section Two! =) – But bring on Harrogate! 3rd time lucky!?!? – After last year and 2005!

    There’s also a new site from The Welsh Regional Council with the gradings and results - http://welshbrass.org.uk/
  10. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Congratulations on that.
    But why have you quoted OneTonBass? Have I missed something? :-?
  11. Rustonw

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    If the rules are applied then 4 bands will drop from the Champ section and 2 will be promoted from the first section leaving 9 in each section.
  12. baritoneosh

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    Delighted to be back at the Finals in September. Pity we didnt win, but delighted to qualify. Danial our Euphonium played fantastic, well deserved Best Instrumentalist . Can't wait for Harrogate in September.
  13. OneTonBass

    OneTonBass Member

    Unfortunately I can't quote all the rules. :) but essentially if there are less than ten bands in the section only 1 go up and down from that section(unless tied by points). Hence section 1 & 3 in Wales only 1 go up and down.

    So next year 2 will go up from 1st section, and only 1 will come down as the section sizes have changed.

    Link to rules in previous post.

    I know what you were hoping :)
  14. OneTonBass

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    Must not forget something very important....If you win the National Finals then you can do a "Ton" and get promoted automatically regardless of where you were in the grading table.
    So this could apply to Pontarddulais and Wrexham (additionally to all the other qualifiers) for example.

    Go get em!
  15. Rustonw

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    Thanks, that clears that up.
  16. congratulations to you all! by the way alyn, you look nothing like your picture....;)
  17. Val

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    After having made the long trip back up through Wales last night and having had time to reflect on the adjudication, I feel that I must post a comment. Rhyl were naturally disappointed to come 6th in Section 4 but obviously Mr Hardy considered that there were 5 better performances. No problem there, but I wonder if other 4th section bands would mind sharing their opinion about the adjudicator's comments. Mr Hardy wrote a full A4 sheet of comments but I was hard pushed to find one single positive remark. It seems that our performance was just plain awful, but surely there must have been something positive that he could have said which would have provided some encouragement. This was the first time the Band has managed to compete at the Area for some years and I am concerned that our negative comments will set back the re-building process yet again. I remember playing many years ago at Blackpool in the 4th section and coming about 22nd out of 24 bands - but even then the comments were not all bad as the adjudicator understood how important it is to encourage lower section bands. The main problem Mr Hardy had with us was that the balance was top heavy, that some sections were rushed (despite being within the tempo markings) and upper cornets were 'aggressive' - so be it (unfortunately I was playing Solo Cornet so must hold up my hand!!) However, no mention was made of the other sections - do those players take it that no comment means they were just OK, or good, or excellent, or also rubbish but not quite as bad as the cornets?? Please believe me, this IS NOT sour grapes - I have no problem with coming 6th but just wondered if Mr Hardy's comments were consistently harsh!

    Anyway, the bright spot is that both Wrexham and Deiniolen qualified for the finals from North Wales - well done :clap:
  18. Alyn... because he said in first section markham were first... when we were :) oh and well done to you morg and david on qualifiying :) tell morg il see him if hes comming to the west glam concert next week!! all the best!

  19. Alyn James

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    Like my new pic? Officially changing my name next Thursday afternoon. Pam's not too keen on being called Mrs. Hall but I've promised her she'll get used to it....:)
    Brilliant meetin' you at last yesterday...long may the banter continue!! ;)

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  20. Alyn James

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    Mog says,"Not if he sees you first"....:D

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