Welsh Open Entertainment Contest

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    Good luck to all the bands competing at this year's Welsh Open Entertainment Contest in Porthcawl on Saturday.

    It should be a fantastic day with some great bands on show.

    We are running a competition to guess the top 6 bands at the contest and the winner will win a £50 Ev-entz gift voucher. Get involved by visiting website and our Facebook page.

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    Adjudicator: Derek Broadbent

    1. Tredegar (Ian Porthouse) - 197
    2. BTM (Tom Davoren) - 195
    3. Tongwynlais Temperance (Philip Harper) - 193
    4. Staines (Melvin White) - 190
    5. City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) (Gareth Ritter)- 189
    6. Bournemouth Concert (Cpt Dave Barringer) - 188
    7. Burry Port (Michael Thorne) - 187
    8. Pontardulais (Burns Pet Nutrition) (Paul Jenkins) - 185
    9. Lydbrook (Ian Holmes) - 184
    10. Tylorstown (Gary Davies) - 183
    11. Abergavenny Borough (David Griffiths) - 182

    Best Soloist: Jonathan Pippen (trombone) - BTM
    Most Entertaining Band Presentation: Tylorstown
    Highest First Section Band not in main prizes: Staines
    Youngest Player: Alexander Rees (Tongwynlais Temperance) - aged 13

    Courtesy of 4barsrest (http://www.4barsrest.com/news/detail.asp?id=12967)

    Well done Gareth Ritter and all my band colleagues at City of Cardiff
  4. well done to you aswell Mike. Solo was outstanding!! loving being a part of cardiff!
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    Well done to Staines (especially my friends Jason and Karen) on another good result at this contest.
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    Thanks to you and Tongwynlais on twitter for posting the link, I enjoyed the programme.
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    It's also repeated on S4C today at 16:45
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    Very good programme.

    Wales churns out so many quality bands... it's about time the media in Wales caught on and treated the public to it.

    To be fair, S4C have listened to the viewers suggestions and are to be congratulated for this programme. I suggest you send your appreciations here:-

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    Yes indeed! As someone who works as a producer and has put forward several ideas for brass banding progs, the more who do this the better!!