Welsh League Contest Burry Port

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    Championship Section:
    Adjudicator: C Brian Buckley

    1. Burry Port Town (M. Thorne) – 192
    2. Pontardulais Town (P. Jenkins) – 191
    3. Tylorstown (G. Davies) – 189
    4. Abergavenny Borough (C. Roberts) – 186
    5. Markham & District (A. Morton) – 185
    6. RAF St Athan (A. Bourne) – 184
    7. Rogerstone (J. Jones) – 182

    Best Instrumentalist: Chris Smith – euphonium (Burry Port)

    Another interesting result!:redface:
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    Try 4BR.

    I'm sorry to say that having listened to most of the Champ section that I find 1 of the top 3 very surprising. Is it just me or is anyone else uncomfortable about the result?
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    Must be you! ;)

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