WELSH ECHOES - New Composition Release

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    Comp: Andrew Duncan
    Price: £30.00 (set of parts and score)
    Level: Originally written for 4th Section band, but enjoyable all through to Championship section level

    This recently commissioned work is now available to the general public and offers a perfect addition to concert programmes. It incorporates three key Welsh folk tunes, creating a perfect combination of varied moods and styles.

    The piece was commissioned by The Charles Church Camberley Band as a surprise gift to mark the 90th Birthday of their previous conductor, Gerallt Hughes. A Welshman himself, the folk tunes were the obvious inspiration to this piece.

    Following its inaugural performance at the celebratory concert where a presentation score was also given to a very surprised Mr Hughes, The Music Company were delighted with the response to the work and were pleased to learn that it has already been performed in concert by The Grimethorpe Colliery Band, will be featured on a forthcoming BBC Radio 2 'Listen To The Band' broadcast and was a selected programme item for The Whitburn Band in the recent West Lothian Brass Band Festival.

    The striking Welsh folk tunes, Sospan Fach, David of the White Rock and Watching the Wheat are all woven into this delightful new composition. There is a feature for the solo cornet in David of the White Rock, and some nice touches with a saucepan and wooden spoon in the percussion to make Sospan Fach true to its name (Little Saucepan!).

    The contrasting styles this composition offers, with the incorporation of the selected melodies, make this piece an ideal concert work to brighten up your summer programme.

    Available from The Music Company's online shop at www.TheMusicCompanyShop.com or by calling 08700 636 796.
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