Welsh Brass Band Championships \\ 21 & 22 March

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  1. ilovespheres

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    The Contest will be held on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March 2015 at the newly re-furbished Brangwyn Hall, Swansea.

    Championship Section: The Torchbearer (Peter Graham)
    First Section: A London Overture (Philip Sparke)
    Second Section: Variations on Maccabeus (Kevin Norbury)
    Third Section: Evolution: Five States of Change (Philip Sparke)
    Fourth Section: An English Pastorale (Dean Jones)

    Adjudicators: Glyn Williams, Sections 1,3 and 4 \\ Steve Sykes, Section 2 and Championship
  2. MoominDave

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    Is it Glyn Williams adjudicating on the Saturday, Steve Sykes on the Sunday, then?
  3. Pastit

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    Previous years have always been sections 1, 2 and 3 on the Saturday and 4th and Championship on the Sunday. Not sure if that is still the case

    DCWOODS Member

    Yes that's correct.

    Adjudicators can be found on Kapitol website and which sections - http://www.nationalbrassbandchampionships.com/index.php?id=25

    Entries for all regions can be found under News too.
  5. ilovespheres

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    2nd Section

    So here's the list for 2nd Section - can anyone add\amend\correct me? 2 bands now withdrawn - Melingriffith 2 and Severn Tunnel. Personally I think it's a battle between Deiniolen, Ebbw Valley and Blaenavon.

    Blaenavon Town – Jamie Jones
    Deiniolen – Lois Eifion
    Ebbw Valley Brass – Nigel Seaman
    M2 – Robin Hackett
    Newtown Silver
    Ogmore Valley
    Royal Buckley Town
    Severn Tunnel

    DCWOODS Member

    Here's the entry list from Kapitol - http://www.nationalbrassbandchampionships.com/index.php?id=3&newsID=330

    DCWOODS Member

    Gareth Ritter is taking Ebbw Valley Brass by the way.
  8. ilovespheres

    ilovespheres Member

    2nd Section

    Brilliant - cheers! Ahh got confused with City of Cardiff - should be a good contest though. :tup

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