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    Welsh Brass Arts Festival 2007
    Thursday June 14 - Wednesday June 20
    Details of the 2007 Welsh Brass Arts Festival have now been revealed with an impressive line-up of events for the seventh annual WBAF, a Festival that promises to be bigger, better and more diverse than ever before! The line-up of main events and featured artists is as follows:
    Friday June 15th - "On the Town: A Night at the Musicals / A Night at the Sands"
    Peter Karrie, Spotlight Theatre Company and Porth County Community School Choir
    The Parc & Dare Band are pleased to renew their association with "the world's favourite Phantom" and star of "Amazing Grace", Peter Karrie in "On the Town", a split night of West End musical theatre favourites and big band swing. Also featured will be artists from Rhondda based Spotlight Theatre Company and young vocalists from Porth County Community School.
    Tickets: £8 (Stalls) £10 (Circle)

    Saturday June 16th - "World Dances"
    Joji Hirota and the Japanese Taiko Drummers
    Guest Conductor: Stephen Roberts
    The second night of the Festival will see the much anticipated and long awaited return to the Park and Dare Theatre of the amazing and incomparable Japanese Taiko drummers! In the new Parc & Dare Band / Park and Dare Theatre co-production for 2007, "World Dances", the Taiko Drummers will perform both separately and together with the Parc & Dare Band, with the whole spectacular evening culminating in the world premiere performance of Stephen Roberts exhilarating new work for world percussion and brass band "World Dances". Quite simply an evening not be missed!
    Tickets: £8 (Stalls) £10 (Circle)

    NEW FOR 2007!
    Book tickets for both Friday and Saturday evening shows at a reduced rate with the new "Brasspass", the whole Festival ticket deal* which gives access to both weekend evening shows and all daytime events for the whole week at one bargain rate!
    Further information on the Brasspass along with detailed booking information for all Welsh Brass Arts Festival events can be obtained from the Box Office of the Park and Dare Theatre on 01443 773 112.
    * Please note that the Brasspass does not include access to Cyngerdd Ysgolion Cymraeg Rhondda for which a separate ticket must be purchased.

    "Gŵyl Gerdd Ysgolion - Schools' Music Festival"
    Saturday June 16th - "Going Solo" Individual Competitive Event
    Monday June 18th - “Showcase” Event #1
    Tuesday June 19th - "Showcase" Event #2
    Wednesday June 20th - Cyngerdd Ysgolion Cymraeg Rhondda
    In addition to the main Festival weekend the Parc & Dare Band, in conjunction with Rhondda Cynon Taf Cultural Services, are now proud to present Rhondda Cynon Taf "Gwyl Gerdd Ysgolion - Schools' Music Festival". This new element was added to the Welsh Brass Arts Festival in 2005 and proved an enormous success with over twenty schools from across the county borough participating in the inaugural event and thirty schools participating in 2006.
    The Schools' Music Festival is aimed at providing children with the opportunity to perform in a professional setting, both individually and in groups. Gŵyl Gerdd Ysgolion is comprised of a number of separate elements:

    Going Solo Saturday daytime of the Festival sees both Junior and Senior young musicians go head to head in the sole competitive element of Gŵyl Gerdd Ysgolion. The "Going Solo" individual competitive event is split into two categories, Junior (11 and under) and Senior (11-18). Various prizes are awarded for this event. Full details of prizes, venues and times will be released presently.
    Tickets: £2.50 (Circle only)

    ShowcaseThis second aspect of the Schools' Festival sees groups of children from primary schools based across the Rhondda Cynon Taf area enter the palatial auditorium of the Parc & Dare Theatre to perform both to each other and to the general public, in a series of performances of music, dance and theatre. These morning and afternoon events feature six individual schools in every session, each performing alone before combining in a massed choral item in "The Big Sing" to close.
    This year "The Big Sing" will feature John Hughes' immortal "Cwm Rhondda" in recognition of the centenary of the famous hymn which Hughes composed in Pontypridd in 1907.
    Tickets: £2.50 (Circle only)

    Cyngerdd Ysgolion Cymraeg Rhondda Cyngerdd Ysgolion Cymraeg Rhondda has again been an integral part of the activities of the Welsh Brass Arts Festival since 2005. This event sees young dancers, vocalists and instrumentalists from all six Rhondda based Welsh language medium schools combine in a truly spectacular evening concert which features traditional and creative dance, young harpists, brass musicians, individual choirs and an awe inspiring, one hundred strong, massed choir!
    Tickets: £5 (Stalls) £6 (Circle)

    Further information on the Showcase and Going Solo events along with tickets and further information on all Welsh Brass Arts Festival performances and events can be obtained from the Box Office of the Parc & Dare Theatre on 01443 773 112.

    Web site : - http://www.brassbands.co.uk
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    Moved from 'Articles and Interviews' - please post your threads in the correct categories, it saves time for everyone, as well as ensuring that these events are targetted correctly.

    Best of luck with the event.
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    Really looking forward to playing,its gonna be awesome!
    We also have a preview concert at the WMC in cardiff on monday 28th!,
    Playing some of the music from the main concerts!

    Starts at 3pm on the TESCO stage which is in the foyer of the WMC! :oops:
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    These should be two great, totally different nights. Most bands work hard to bring bands to a wider audience proving to the masses that we are not Floral Dance and William Tell overture at the National Finals.

    At Parc and Dare we try particularly hard, sometimes to the detriment of contest performances, to do something different.

    The first post give details of not only the two concerts but also the Brass Festival which encourages schools and young players.

    Last year's two concerts (again only a couple of weeks after Blackpool) were Electric Brass pieces including Tim Souster's Echoes for band and electronics and a Concerto for six string Electric Violin and Brass Band along with Catrin Finch playing Concerto for Harp and Band (electric harp). The second night was a joint concert with Ravensburg (Germany) wind orchestra including a symphony for wind orchestra (obviously including brass).

    As mentioned by sop1, pay a visit to the Wales Millenium Centre at Cardiff Bay next Monday at 3pm to hear a FREE preview of the two forthcoming concerts. For thos who haven't been to Cardiff Bay, make an effort. You will recognise lots of places from the Dr Who spin-off Torchwood as well as hearing some good music.

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