Well Done Wales!

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    Interesting to read that Wales is the latest home nation to realise that the formation an over-arching National body is clearly the best way forward.
    So that`s Scotland, 'Norn' Ireland and Wales sorted,who`s left?.....Oh Dear, well three out of four ain`t bad I suppose!
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    There was some discussion about this on the 'welsh area' thread. Glad to see Wales taking a step in the right direction.

    Albeit I think any national organisation will have little power if membership of it is not tied in with competing in the national championships of great Britain. (Ie: if your band isn't a member of said national organisation, you can't compete.) Kapitol have previously stated their opposition to this, however, so it seems whilever they own the national championships, this change will not happen.

    Hopefully though, this is a step towards banding taking back control over it's destiny. More power to them.
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    The Brass Band Forum Wales

    I asked a question about the structure of Brass Banding in Wales on a different thread, and the 4barsrest announcement regard "The Brass Band Forum Wales" appears to tie in with my question. Is the "Brass Band Forum Wales" going to be the Regions Area Organization with the sub-regions spreading from under it? In my view it seems an excellent development, but with the size of the Principality how will North Wales Bands fit in. Will it be predominantly a South Wales set-up simply because of geography? Whatever the response, well done to those that try to further develop banding in Wales. :clap:
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