WELL done OLDHAM (Lees) Band!

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  1. harrydj

    harrydj New Member

    Congratulations to John Collins and Oldham Lees Band who carved out some brill results on Whit Friday(beating Briggus at a couple)!Keep the good work going John.
  2. DobX Dave

    DobX Dave Member


    I have been listening/watching the progress of this young band (as I have reported in various posts over the years).

    Over the weekend I heard them in the morning in Uppermill where they headed the St. Chad’s Church, the MD was obviously saving some of his ‘super stars’ and gave the opportunity to even younger players to perform. The band was joined by Guernsey Band, being massed they were obviously the ‘loudest band’ on parade and acquitted themselves very well.

    In the evening I had the pleasure of seeing the band march through their own village (Lees) where they obviously received the loudest cheers and handclaps of the evening, far more than any other band (and they were not wearing silly outfits and played a standard published march ~ Army of the Nile). Their marching and deportment was a credit to the MD John Collins. On the contest ‘platform’ they performed incredibly well ~ as the following indicates.

    Lees & Springhead:
    41 Band
    1. Hepworth (Cookson Homes) - £600
    2. Co-operative Milnrow - £400
    3. Rothwell Temperance - £200
    4. Marsden Silver - £125

    Highest placed 1st Section:
    1. Oldham (Lees)
    2. Wardle & District Anderson Brass

    (above from 4BarsRest Website)

    Personally I had them in third place.

    I was able to catch them in concert for their last few numbers at the Navigation Inn, Dobcross on Sunday where they really sounded very good (the MD giving an opportunity to the xylophonist ~ who obviously had not done much over the weekend ~ to shine). There was no sign of lip fatique ~ just the opposite in fact. It was certainly 'full blooded' right to the end, including a number conducted by the Guernsey Brass MD.

    (off topic/subject) ~ whilst I attended the Guernsey Brass concert at the Dobcross Band Club, I overheard in the bar that Oldham were the only band that achieved to contest at all 11 villages ~ out of interest can someone please confirm that, also does anyone know where they came overall in Saddleworth ~ thank you.
  3. sallybro5mk

    sallybro5mk New Member

    Thanks DobX Dave - you were correct, we did compete in all eleven Saddleworth villages and according to the database we were the only band to manage it. This resulted in Oldham Band coming 5th overall in the Saddleworth competition and 2nd in the Saddleworth local competition.

    The results from the villages are as follows:
    Delph - 5th place
    Denshaw - best local
    Dobcross - local from morning marches
    Greenacres - 2nd local
    Greenfield - best local
    Grotton - 1st in 1st section
    Lees - 1st in 1st section and best local
    Lydgate - 3rd place and local prize
    Scouthead - 1st in 1st section
    Uppermill - 2nd local

    Everyone in the band worked extremely hard leading up to Whit Friday and we were proud of the youngsters who helped out in the morning whilst some of the 16-18 year olds were sitting GCSEs, AS and A level exams.

    The band will be performing at the Lydgate and Grotton presentation evening on July 28th and the Lees presentation evening on July 25th.
  4. sallybro5mk

    sallybro5mk New Member

    Sorry - the presentation evenings are in June not July!!!
  5. DobX Dave

    DobX Dave Member

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Oldham Lees Band have obviously done their usual ‘hard graft’ in the band room and the above results prove it

    Your website states the 12th July for the Grotton and Lydgate Presentation Evening ~ which I was planning to attend. Obviously the date has changed, unfortunately I am cannot make the new date, so the best of luck for that concert.
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