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  1. 4thmandown

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    So Alan Withington has withdrawn from conducting Co-Operative Funeralcare at the Europeans due to a lack of full rehearsals. Now he knows what it's like for hundreds of other MD's the length and breadth of the country! Good job for all of those bands that their MD's don't pick and choose in the same manner. I have much more respect for those guys than some high profile conductor who can't handle a few empty seats and fears losing some kudos because things might not go well in the contest as a result. This might not be the case, but looks awfully like it.
  2. Gadgie

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    Agree entirely. And you have to be impressed with the Co's press release, taking it in their stride and accepting full responsibility. Best of luck to Allan (Ramsay) and the band next weekend.

    Heaven help the rest of us, though, if a top band like the Co are struggling to field a full band in the run up to the top contest. Puts my band's woes about getting to Blackpool the following weekend into perspective.
  3. Bbmad

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    Co-Op who?
  4. tallyman

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    Respect to Mr Withington. I'm sure he will still recieve his full fee as it was the band that broke the contract.
  5. Bbmad

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    How do you know that there was a) a contract between Mr Withington and the Co-Op Whocares Band and b) what details were in the contract?
  6. tallyman

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    The contract will state that if the band don't rock up and laik proper then he won't be waggin' and the fee will still be payable, he's not daft when it comes to brass that lad.
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    I hope he wasn't a week early and arrived before the wave of superstar-import-deps.
  8. Uncle Bryn

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    There's only going to be one loser in this sorry episode and it's not the Co. In fact, I'd be absolutely delighted if I was them. If there is a contract then he's the one that's broken it so no payment whatsoever, and with the greatest respect to Allan Ramsay I'd expect his remuneration to be a fraction of Alan Withington. You also get a highly motivated band who will feel hurt and embarrassed so they'll be a stronger unit at the back end.

    Im sure 20 other band chairmen/women have made a little mental note over this as well, so a certain person won't have his phone ringing off the hook after this shameful act.
  9. Rob

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    How many were there?
  10. iancwilx

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    You are joking aren't you ? He is such a talented guy that he will always be in demand from top bands. The bottom line is that he cannot do his job with empty chairs. You can't bake a cake without all the ingredients. If he'd stayed and done his best with the limited resources at his disposal and come a cropper at the contest it would have been the bands fault but his reputation would have suffered. They broke the contract by not providing the tools for him to do the job. IMHO he did the right thing.

    ~ Mr Wilx
  11. Ali

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    I have to agree Mr Wilx. Having worked with Allan for three years at Foden's, he is the ultimate pro. He is hard working and extremely driven. If he believes that he cant do a job for whatever reason, he will say.

    He will not have done this without serious thought. People also forget that whenever Allan comes over to "work" he's giving up a weeks wages with his work at the Bergen Phili.

    It is unfair to ask him to come over, give up a weeks work and expect him to work with something that was obviously less than what was asked of the band. He used to go mad when we had two or more players missing at a rehearsal and he would be well within his rights to do so!

    He will have had a contract and I am fairly sure he will have stipulated that in the event that the band cant turn out a full team, then he would have the right to decline the position. Also, Co-Op arent stupid (having worked with him before) and they will know his exacting terms before he was taken on. This will have been all above board, so maybe people should just stop getting on the band waggon and saying he's out of order.

    Unless you have worked with this great man (ive been really lucky to have A) worked with him and B) won the double thanks to him and his genius) then I suggest you get off his back!
  12. Ali

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    100% correct!
  13. Bbmad

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    Ultimate pro, a great man and a genius! Do you take a nice shiny apple to rehearsals?
  14. Ali

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    I based my post on my experience working under Allan. That is my opinion of the man. I am sure that many others who have worked with him will have felt the same I’m sure. When I first met him I was in awe. That's nothing to be ashamed of.

    People may have felt the same working under Dr Childs (both of them), Prok King etc!!!

    Mock all you like, at the end of the day, he was well within his rights to do what he did. And I am sure that the band (Co-Op) will have known this well before it was announced that Allan was to take the helm.
  15. Bbmad

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    Maybe the Co-Op band members were unaware of his awesomeness and genius, otherwise they might have been more motivated to make it to rehearsals.
  16. Ali

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    My god, you are hilarious!!! Scunnys answer to Peter Kay!

    As my post says, my thoughts are mine and mine alone. You can mock all you like, its thanks to Allan that my banding dreams came true. To do the double is something no-one will ever take away from me and its all thanks to him, so in my eyes yes, he's all of the above!

    Oh and he is a gent as well, so are you going to mock me for saying that???
  17. Bbmad

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    Would be more gentlemanly to see through a prior commitment, even in the face of adversity.
    Just my thoughts.
  18. Ali

    Ali Member

    And you are entitled to them, as am I.

    Both parties will have know the stipulations before anything was signed so if one side has broken their part of the contract/ deal then the other person/ party is well within their rights to pull out. It really is that simple.

    As I said, I am sure that Mr Withington will have thought things through in great detail before deciding on his course of action and I am sure that when the band first informed him that there were going to be problems, they will have guessed that this would be the course of action that would be taken.

    At the end of the day, it was the band that approached him to be their Pro MD at the contest, not the other way around, so as I said, he was well entitled (IMO) to do what he did.
  19. iancwilx

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    Bravo, well said ~ I wouldn't bother commenting any further Ali, some folk are just either 1) Naïve 2) Lacking in common sense, or (Most likely) 3) Of an argumentative nature.
    It is blatantly obvious where the blame for this situation lies. You can't expect a master craftsman to fashion a work of art and put it on display with pride when he only has half his tools to work with.
    Those are my last thoughts on this thread,

    ~ Mr Wilx
  20. Bbmad

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    Or, 4. Just puts forward an alternative view, no more argumentative than you Ian. And I don't cry off and flounce every time someone says something I don't like.

    And of course 5. Ignorance. I didn't realise that the man in question is not just a conductor working at the highest level, with a good track record, but in fact a "great man", "genius" and "master craftsman".

    I cannot believe that the Co-op membership have not turned out to work with someone who fits such a description.