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    Under the name of Ohio Brass Band (OBB), members of several brass bands in the Columbus, Ohio area of The United States are travelling to England in the summer of 2008. ​

    Bands represented are: ​

    Brass Band of Columbus (10 times winners of The North American
    Brass Band Association Championship Section),
    The Brass Band of Columbus performed at The British Open in 2000​

    Central Ohio Brass Band (2007 winners of the Honors Section of NABBA),​

    Scioto Valley Brass and Percussion Company, Ohio Valley Brass Band,​

    Alumni Band of The Ohio State University Marching Band
    (the world’s largest brass band). ​

    The Ohio Brass Band will leave Columbus on July 3 and return on July 14.
    The OBB will represent Bowburn Colliery at The Durham Miners Gala.
    All members are paying their own travel expenses. It is hoped that this trip will encourage other brass banders in the United States to consider traveling to England for brass band festivals and competitions.​

    5 July 2008 - Gala Theatre, Durham.
    Supporting: Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band.
    Tickets on sale now from the Gala Theatre.

    11 July 2008 - Bowburn Community Centre, Bowburn, UK

    12 July 2008 -Durham Miners' Gala, Durham, UK

    I hope you will be able join us at the Gala Theatre to enjoy the band in concert and give them a warm welcome at the Miners Gala.​
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