Welcome to Crescent Music Ltd!

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    Welcome to Crescent Music Ltd!

    Crescent Music is a publishing company devoted to helping young composers realise their dreams of publication. As young musicians ourselves we understand the difficulties young composers and arrangers have getting their work noticed by established publishing companies. It is our aim to give talented composers a chance to be noticed on a professional level by publishing and promoting their music.

    We are looking for bands to buy our new brass band compositions, visit our website to browse the catalogue and place your orders! We are also looking for talented composers to submit their original scores, which will be looked at by our management team with a view to publishing at competitive rates!

    We now have available the marches of the 'runners up' of the TMP composers competition!!

    We are aware of lots of speculation surrounding Dan Price's arrangement of "Pirates of the Caribbean". At present we are awaiting copyright confirmation from Walt Disney, but once copyright is confirmed the arrangement will be on sale at Crescent Music Ltd. We are also awaiting permission for an arrangement of the War of the Worlds theme tune, again by Dan Price. Watch this space!!!
    The website address is www.crescentmusic.co.uk
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