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  1. weemarky

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    Hi guys. Im not strictly a new member cos ive had my username for ages but hardly used it!!

    I'm 18 years old and i play 2nd trumpet/cornet for the Band of the Royal Irish Regiment in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Started playing cornet when i was 9 nat school and ive never looked back since. I played for Penicuik Silver for 4 years before moving to Dalkieth and Monktonhall then on to Championship Section Kingdom Brass. After playing with Kingdom for 2 years i took up the position of Principal Cornet with McTaggart Scott Loanhead band until I joined the Army, went to RMSM Kneller Hall, then posted to the Band of The Royal Irish and here I am. Phew!!!

    I love Brass Bands, the atmosphere and cameraderie is fantastic!

    Send me a PM or anythin if u wanna get in touch.

  2. Di

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    Hi Mark and :hi. Good to see you around again. :)

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