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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Jan H, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    recently we had a thread about what music you would like at your funeral. Today I went to wedding, and this made me wonder what (brass band) music people would like at their weddings...

    At this wedding i went to, the following music was played:

    The Olympic Spirit (J. Williams) (for the entry)
    Annie Laurie" (A. Pryor)
    Serenade (D. Bourgeois),
    Irish Blessing
    (J.E. Moore)
    Vitae Lux
    (F. Alnaes)
    You'll Never Walk Alone

    Reunion and Finale
    (arr. A. Duncan)
    Erin Shore (for the exit)

    other ideas?
  2. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    I'm conducting a group at a wedding tomorrow (yes - World Cup Final day:eek:).

    Itr's a civil ceremony so nothing religious allowed. So, we're picking from:

    Trumpet Tune - Purcell
    Te Deum Prelude - Carpentier
    Perfect Day - Lou Reed
    Pastime With Good Company
    New York, New York
    Young Amadeus
    Sweet and Low
    Latin Serenade
    Londonderry Air
    Chanson D'Amour
    Stranger on the Shore
  3. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    I've always said if I ever get married I'd like my bride to walk in to "Share my Yoke". For the sentiment as much as the music.
    I would also like Neil Hewson to play it!! I originally wanted Hannah (his wife) to do it but she's given up so I'll go for 2nd best...! :D haha, only joking Neil!!
  4. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    I can't remember what Besses & Guests played during the register signing - I more or less left it up to them. I the only thing we asked for was Derek Broadbent's arrangement of Romance from the Gadfly as a request for my Father in Law.

    My good lady made her entrance to "Procession to the Minster" and we came back out to Alexander Owen's arrangement of "Thanks be to God" from his selection from Mendelssohn's Elijah.

    the hymn tunes (in no particuar order) were Thine be the Glory (out of Tunes & Toasts I think!), Praise my Soul the King of Heaven (think we used the Langford arrangement) and, er, another one I can't remember....I was a bit preoccupied :biggrin:
  5. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    Our wedding started with the "Grand March from Aida" - because it was also the tune they used to use at my wife's school for the May Queen, had Goff Richards' arrangement of "Crimond" in the middle, and ended with "The Standard Of St George" because it's our favourite march and the one we always start Croston walking day with.
    At other family weddings I've played "My Love is Like a Red Red Rose" (Langford) and "Bless This House".
    My brother arranged nearly all the music for his own wedding, iirc one bit started off as "Time To Say Goodbye" and finished up as the end of "Procession To The Minster" - very effective indeed.
    Often something special to the participants really makes their day, we always ask if they have favourite tunes.
  6. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    My own band (at the time) played at my (and Aardvark's) wedding with some very special friends contributions.

    The music was:

    Trumpet Tune - Purcell (walking in)
    Hymn - Praise to the Lord
    Hymn - The Lord's My Shepherd
    Hymn - I Vow to the My Country
    Let the Bright Seraphim - Handel (John Wallace on Trumpet and Aardvarks best friend from school Alison Price singing soprano)
    Susato Dances - during the signing of the register
    Toccata - Widor (walking out) (Organ only - my favourite organ piece ever)

    I have also conducted a band at a wedding when one of the hymns was 'Fight the Good Fight':D and the walking out music was the 1812 Overture :eek:
  7. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    We had Share My Yoke just before I came down the aisle, then I cam in to You Raise Me Up (before Pondlife mangled it) played beautifully by Ruthless. We left to Occasion by Darrol Barry which I would highly recommend to anyone as it is brilliant!!!!

    Rach x
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    ^^ I was there... :)
  9. sunny_jimbob

    sunny_jimbob Member

    The entry and exit music at ours was mangled by the comedy organist (I cringe when I listen to it on the video, classic stuff!) and we had an 11 piece brass group (5 Shirebrook, 5 Oughtibridge and 1 Grimethorpe) play Blaenwern, Aurelia and Jerusalem. They also played St Clement while we signed the register.
  10. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg Member

    My band will be playing at my reception in April, so I am hoping for all the great brass band cheesy classics. All in an April Evening, Pearl fishers, Floral Dance, Lazy Hen, etc, North Country Pastoral, Listen to the Band.

    I have threaten the other half that the first dance ought to be 5th movement of Anglian Dances - can't think why he didn't like the idea
  11. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Gaah! You didn't warn me about the Pearl Fishers...

    And the band weren't too keen on the idea either. Watch it or you may be coming down the aisle to The Stripper...

    I wanted Entry of The Gladiators for my wedding but Grandad Badger vetoed it very forcefully.
  12. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg Member

    Looks like first dance best be the Floral, although the other half only wants it if we play it in a sinister minor key.
  13. Veri

    Veri Member

    Only the other night at band we played Procession to the Minster which the flugel had apparently had at her wedding. My friend said that she'd like that at her wedding too, but I think it's a bit more funereal!!
  14. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Shove a full Band in a (nice) Church acoustic, though, and having your future Missus walking down the Aisle to is impressive, though ;)

    It's a good idea to tell people of a sensitive disposition not to sit too close to the Band - I had half a dozen people comment "Gosh, they were loud weren't they" :biggrin:

    I'm absolutely, definitely not going to say that getting married was the end of my life :wink:
  15. Veri

    Veri Member

    Well, I hate to say it but the flugel player was in floods of tears because she split up with her husband about 18 months ago... :(

    I just think it would be nice music for having a coffin brought in to, it's very emotional. The trouble with planning nice music for funerals (as opposed to weddings) is that you're not actually going to be there to hear it... :oops: Definitely my favourite piece of music though.

    And should I ever get married, I'll bear in mind the need to sit non-discerning relatives near the back. (Reminds me of a concert I once did for a quite elderly audience. We came on and immediately struck up the Cossack without warning. My Mum said that at least half of the audience immediately switched off their hearing aids!) :biggrin:


    My brother had Hootenanny played at his wedding!!!!
  17. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Well as i am a bit controversial i would go for the following:
    While the guests are coming in:John O Gaunt
    As the bride comes in:Le Roi d'Ys
    As we walk out of church:James Cook Circumnavigator.
    As I said im a bit controversial but i do like my test pieces:clap:
  18. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg Member

    Hootenany how excellent. Mamma Badger suggested a cheesy arrangement of DIVORCE. Bless the cynical creature.
  19. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    I'd like to see "Imperial March" played on the entrance!!!
  20. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg Member

    Once did a band job and the entrance was Floral Dance, leaving was Matchstick men, matchstick cats and dogs. The bride also turned up in whopping 18 wheeler arctic. Must admit - was different and cool