Wedding Bells a' ringing

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  1. cwmamanbird

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    Wedding Bells a’ ringing

    Cwmaman Institute Silver Band would like to pass on their best wishes to their 2nd horn player, Linsey Wakefield, who is getting married on Saturday 27th May.

    Linsey is tying the knot with a former Cwmaman player, Andrew Tossell who is currently playing 2nd Euphonium with Tongwynlais.

    Members of the band look forward to celebrating their nuptials with them this weekend, when their wedding takes place in Burry Port.

    All the best for the future together.
  2. Mr_Euniverse

    Mr_Euniverse Member

    Here here! Andrew & Linsey, top couple!!! Hope I've written the bride's entry & exit music OK! I also heard that Andrew's organising the free bar in the evening!!!! YIPPEE!!!!
  3. Andrew Tossell

    Andrew Tossell New Member

    Thank you for your kind wishes, Linsey and myself both look forward to sharing our very special day with the players from Cwmaman Band, Tongwynlais, Ammanford, as well as players we have known for many years. We both love playing and socialising with our Brass Band friends, and our wedding would not be complete without you.

    Thanks Again

    Linsey and Andrew
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  4. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    How soppy is that?
  5. baribari

    baribari Member

    yup - but gay that Mr T .

    did someone mention a free bar earlier....?
  6. cwmamanbird

    cwmamanbird Member

    Free Bar ...

    Thats why darran bryant is travelling down from Cambridge and missing the masters this year....
  7. Andrew Tossell

    Andrew Tossell New Member

    Sorry people I never mentioned a free bar, somebody is winding you up. I have seen what you all drink and a free bar would cost more money than is held in the mint.


  8. Mr_Euniverse

    Mr_Euniverse Member

    And who might that be???? Cheapskate!
  9. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    I have discussed the matter with Andrew and he has agreed a sub on every pint consumed.

    Instead of £2.75 a pint it will now be £0.75 per pint.

    Thanks to Superhorn.
  10. cwmamanbird

    cwmamanbird Member

    Dont suppose anyone knows of any guest houses / hotels in the Burry Port area?? Everyone we tried is booked out.

    The hotel we were booked into has messed up and 6 of us are bedless for the night? can anyone suggest another hotel... Dont suggest the gwenllian - thats the one who has double booked us...

    Its a long alcohol free day and a long drive back otherwise..
  11. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    We're not staying on Saturday night, however we are staying in Swansea tonight at the Ramanda Encore Hotel (£60 per night) on Fabien Way - 16 mIles from Burry Port - Swansea maybe an option.
  12. cwmamanbird

    cwmamanbird Member

    Cheers Tim, but if we got to get back to Swansea I may as well drive the extra 25 minutes home.

    Thanks for the suggestion, was hoping to get nearer to Llanelli / Kidwelly if possible, but its not looking too good...

    Damn on-line booking facilities!

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