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    I don't normally associate Wikipedia with riotous comedy, but this page on the fictional composer P.D.Q. Beethoven had me cracking up - and the little audioclip at the bottom, featuring the sound of the tromboon had me crying with laughter!

    P. D. Q. Bach - Wikipedia

    I shan't spoil your fun by trying to describe the sound of the tromboon; I'll just say it was invented (butchered?) by Professor Peter Schickele, in order to perform some works of PDQ's he had 'discovered' - and, according to Schickele, the tromboon consists of a conglomeration of a bassoon and a trombone, "with the disadvantages of both."

    The titles of some of PDQ's works will give you an idea of what to expect; for example, his 'Erotica Variations', a 'Concerto for Bassoon vs. Orchestra', and 'Fanfare for the Common Cold' . . . 'nuff said, eh? :cool:

    And your challenge for the weekend is to paint a word portrait of the timbre and musicality of the tromboon - go to it, TMPers!! Failing that, if you come across a website which matches the heading of this thread, please feel free to post it, and share the fun. :)

    Jack 'Subversive Element' E.
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    Not mentioned in the Wiki entry, my all-time favourite PDQ Bach extract is the recording of the first movement of Beethoven 5, with an American Football style radio commentary voice-over ...

    Worth a listen if you've never heard it.
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  3. Jack E

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    I did come across that one, Gareth - but I had to switch off when it reached the 'action replay'; it was about 3am, and I was damn near choking in my attempts to stop my laughter waking up the neighbours!

    With best regards,

    Jack E.
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    Re. your quotation, Gareth:
    Does it still count as insanity if the conductor actually expects the result to be that the band gets relentlessly worse?

    Or is that just masochism?