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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by Mofman, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Mofman

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    I've been asked to create a website where the band members can do the updates themselves. Does anyone know of a decent hosting company that has some decent template designs that fit well for a brass band?
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    if you want the best freeware CMS then look no further than e107 website system.

    Download and install on your webserver (loads of hostin folks out there) then its fully customisable to do whatever you want it too, with 100's of 3rd party plugins.

    check out

    there is continued support and development and a massive community of users

    hope this helps
  5. RickD

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    In MHO you have two options:

    1. Create a custom site by coding it yourself although you will have to decide your approach e.g. PHP,, etc etc
    2. Use a Content Management System (CMS) to publish the site e.g. Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc
    The CMS sites are sometimes tricky to set up but can be a quick solution they will provide user accounts for admin, RSS, widgets (components to add stuff like blogging, word clouds, galleries), custom themes, comment fields on news stories and other Web 2.0 stuff.

    Just be aware that most CMS are PHP based.

    I would recommend Wordpress ( where it is also possible to get free hosting.

    If you decide to go down the DIY approach I would suggest for or PHP based hosting. They are reasonable and reliable in my experience. :tup

  6. TheFopp

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    Hi Moffman

    Joomla is a great CMS. You can create your own skins/templates for it. There are loads of modules out there for it to enable to do really cool things - Flash based audio/video players, blog/news systems, events diaries, google maps, password protected areas etc. And its really easy to add new content to - you can even set it up so that contributers can type an article, it gets sent to the website editor who can approve, deny or change the article at the click of a button.

    We've just finished building a new website for our school using Joomla and I've got to say that I've been very impressed with its flexibility. Check it out at
  7. TheFopp

    TheFopp Member

    Saying this..... there is nothing like learning a bit of code and building a simple CMS yourself. Beauty of this is that you can use the same PHP code for each website but totally redesign the layout - especially easy if you use something like Dreamweaver.

    I built a very simple CMS for Sale Brass ( which allows them to add new news items, events and player profiles themselves.
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    To do this there are really quite a few options in terms of CMS systems and hosted solutions. There are some hosted solutions available that can be set up using your web browser, however they are not fully featured and are quite 'locked down' in their structure and flexibility. I would avoid these solutions if you want better designs and flexibility (and a better website).

    Or you can set up your own hosting account and implement a content management system (cms). Many of these systems are open source and free to use, however depending on your experince can take time to get to grips with (even if you have web design experince!) There are loads of free CMS systems available and many can be tested for free online here:

    Trouble is choosing one can be a bit of a task and can require a certain degree of computer and web design knowledge to develop, but having said that many of these systems can be set up quite easily if you use one of the templates that come with them. For example i use heartinternet for my hosting and there is an option on there to set up drupal or joomla with the click of a button. These two programs come with installers so they are fairly easy to set up, but will take some effort to learn (but you wont need to code or anything if you keep a basic template).

    Im currently getting into Drupal, this cms is regarded as one of the best cms's. I personally use snews cms but this requires a bit more knowedge to use initailly. Ive been warned off joomla by many develpoer friends of mine and they have recommended drupal as the way to go. But you can test them out at the above link.

    Building your own cms (if you have the knowledge) is a little pointless since there are so many free cms out there that are far more secure and well tested.

    It also depends on what you need to update. If you only need to update the news then a simple cms will do. But if you want forums and all the wizz, then drupal ect might be better. I have built a number of websites inlcuding a band website using snews cms and i find that it works perfectly well for updating news articles and managaeing basic content. In fact I am going to add it to my band website as well at some point so that other band members can update it rather than me!

  9. winterman

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    West Yorkshire
  10. Independent Silver Band

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    Mt. Vernon Illinois, U.S.A.
    We use They have many templates and offer many variations. Check the ISB website to see what can be done by a completely computer illiterate person.
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