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    The Norwegian Band Federation have announced that all major Norwegian National Championships will be covered for free at on Web-TV at www.musikkorps.no through all 2011.

    The following arenas will be covered in 2011:

    Brass Bands in Bergen: Saturday 12.2 (1st section and elite section own choice?)

    Wind Bands in Trondheim:8.4 & 9.4

    Youth Brass Bands in Stavanger:18.6

    Youth Wind Bands in Larvik: 18.6

    As most of you will be aware of the Norwegian National is now all open adjudication and the draw for the Brass Band Champs. is already done for all sections.

    The draw is to be found here: http://www.spilleglede.no/?module=Files;action=File.getFile;ID=4066

    Adjudicators for Bergen will be:

    Elite section - test piece (Friday):
    Cathrine Winnes Trevino,Ian Porthouse, Karl Ole Midtbø

    Elite section - own choice (Saturday):
    Armin Bachmann, Maurice Hamers, Peter Bassano

    1. section (Saturday):
    Bjørn Sagstad, Ian Porthouse

    2. section (Friday)
    Bjørn Sagstad, Armin Bachmann

    3. section (Friday)
    Harald Eikaas, Peter Bassano

    4. Section (Saturday)
    Cathrine Winnes Trevino, Karl Ole Midtbø

    A complete list of the own choce selections will be made availble and posted on a later stage.
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    Further info on the transmission from Bergen is to be found here: http://spilleglede.no/13+timer+direkte-tv+fra+NM.b7C_wBfWXl.ips

    The link at the bottom of this page should lead directly to the main event. In the days leading up to the competition there will be some trial-broadcasts here. For anybody interested in checking out sound- and picture quality...this is the place to go :)

    For the enthusiasts it is perhaps worth mentioning that part of the broadcast will include the Gala concert featuring Black Dyke. In all there will be 13 hours of music-making, commencing at 8.45 local time (GMT +1?????).

    The production will include elite-section (own-choice, the set-piece on friday will not be covered it seems) and 1st section (own choice). Reportedly there should be quite a lot to listen to.

    Elite section - complete list (confirmed by NMF):
    1. Spiriti (Doss)
    2. Seid (Aagaard-Nilsen)
    3. Vocalise, fanfare and rondo (Peterson)
    4. Old licks bluesed up (Aagaard-Nilsen)
    5. From ancient times (van der Roost)
    6. Titan's progress (Pallhuber)
    7. On the shoulders of giants (Graham)
    8. Harrison's dream (Graham)
    9. A night to sing (Tovey)
    10. Cambridge variations (Sparke)

    1st section - samples:
    Dances and arias (Gregson)
    Diversions on a bass theme (Lloyd)
    Lowry sketchbook (Wilby)
    Sounds (Golland)
    Year of the dragon (Sparke)
    On Alderly edge (Graham)
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    Live stream from Norway

    The Norwegian Championships are this weekend and it looks like there's a live stream of the 1st section on Saturday morning, the Championship section own choice in the afternoon, and the Black Dyke gala concert at night:)

    Details here http://www.spilleglede.no/no/nmf_media/nett-tv/nm_brass/

    Details of Championship section bands and own choices pieces to be played here http://t.co/1eCZaM4
    Anyone heard Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen's 'Old Licks Bluesed Up'?!!

    And contest programme downloadable from here http://www.spilleglede.no/filestore/NM_for_brassband/prog_nm_b_2011.pdf
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    :mad: I can't connect to the live stream!
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    It's just Saturday if you have the text on the page translated.
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    Having read the draw for the competition, i'm loving the Norwegian word for what i can only assume means end or finish!
  8. this is a great idea of live streaming, does it cost too much for us to do it?
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    I enjoyed that, I guess if we ever got our **** together, we could do it too!
  10. :clap:
  11. just watching the black dyke concert on the live stream, wow, first time ive heard gary curtin play, amazing!!! real class euph playing!!!!:clap::clap:
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    Anyone else having issues with the streaming? i.e picture freezing/constant buffering?
    Not sure if it's my internet or the actual stream
  13. yep mine keeps doing it, picture freezing all the time but the sound is not to bad
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    Fair enough, Deep Harmony is beautiful.

    RIP Major Peter Parkes.
  15. Yes


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    Great, it stopped before one of my favourite Dyke songs....
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    Dyke!!....form is temporary, class is permanent!
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    Fantastic idea - just a shame that after watching 30 seconds of video everything freezes - still got audio but no visuals. Then after a while everything just goes off and replays the last 20 seconds over and over. Great idea but gets very annoying and tedious after a while with so many problems
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    agreed - especially when it goes for good just as they are about to announce the winner of the elite section between Eikanger and Manger. Anybody any idea who won?
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    Eikanger won!