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    Calling all web designers! I am currently building my bands website and am looking for web space and domain name in a package together. Does anyone have any suggestions of companys to buy this space from? who does your band use? any to avoid?
  2. DaveR

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    I can recommend themouthpiece.com!! The service you get from John is excellent :clap:
  3. I'm building one aswell. I've been given web space and a domain set up by http://www.virtualnames.co.uk . I can't recommend it or not (yet), but it seems quite reasonable. We have lo-cost hosting (basic) + an org.uk domain name. Total cost looks like £28.50pa.
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    Thanks for the comments Dave...

    I can't offer prices that cheap ^^, but I can provide full domain name, cPanel and all the usual trimmings of a professional webhosting account - plus you'd be supporting tMP in the process. I host many band related sites including Hoover Band Bolton, Dave's site, DarrolBarry.co.uk, gillinghamband.org plus many more. Feel free to eMail me if you want more information, always happy to help.
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    Oh I don't know John - you still haven't invoiced me, so I'm guessing that you must have donated the space to me for free! :rolleyes: :tongue:

    Seriously, as John said he isn't the cheapest around, but when I had a problem a couple of weeks ago John dropped everything until I had it sorted out :clap:. And you get to help finance the best brass forum on the web! :biggrin:
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    Oops.... I must do that!!! sorry Dave.
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    Try streamline.net unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, with domain and hosting. Roughly 60 quid a year.
  8. TheMusicMan

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    Just to point out here, please remember, and don't be confused about what tis means... there is no such thing as unlimited space or unlimited bandwidth. They simply do not exist despite what webhosts suggest. As soon as you start using a significant amount of the resources on whatever shared server you are on, you run the risk of having to upgrade your account to a dedicated server, or your account being suspended.

    Read up on webhostingtalk if in doubt.

    Also, be warned, unlimited bandwidth from Streamline.net DOES NOT MEAN UNLIMITED - it means if you go over your bandwidth allowance in a month. you will not have a site hosted (yours will be suspended) but you will be refunded the amount - not such a good service eh!

  9. BIG Paul

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    I use a company called compila.com

    have done for 3 years now only £22.33 per year unlimited email addresses and bandwidth

    250Mb of WebSpace
    FREE UK Domain Name
    Advanced Online Control Panel
    In excess of 99.9% Uptime
    Password Protected Directories
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    FREE Hosting Setup
    No Hidden Charges or Fees
    60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    FrontPage Extensions

    However I haven't tried tmp package it could be even better
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    Always check your ISP to see if they have any web space. I use my AOL free space to host my bands website and just redirect the bands name to it (www.marshfieldband.co.uk) the domain only cost £6.09 for two years (www.123reg.co.uk). There is also a company offering totally free webhosting with PHP support (heartinternet). No adverts etc, but the downside is only 100mps bandwidth a month. However if you expect only a small amount of hits a month then it may work. Ive done a php version of the marshfield site but am not sure whether to go for it or not!...

  11. TheMusicMan

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    Also folks - and apologies for the blatant advert here :) : Don't forget that should you choose to host your www site with us - tMP Hosting - you will be supporting your favourite brass discussion forum in the process...:)

    So, when considering which hosting company to use for your www site, please do consider using tMP and helping us out - It does cost me a small fortune to run tMP, honestly. Thanks all.:)
  12. I would agree that 'unlimited' doesn't exist. Check the small print to find out what the limit on 'unlimited' is, and then (in my opinion) avoid the company anyway for being sneaky liars.

    A good reason to optimise your images and your MP3s, anyway. I looked up a brass band website recently - no names mentioned - which, when you clicked on an image, brought up a 2.2 meg image 18 times bigger than my monitor. And their MP3s page automatically loaded every MP3, hanging my pooter for a couple of minutes. Fortunately they are a very successful band, and can no doubt afford such profligacy ;) Some websites even have Bitmaps (yikes) - no wonder they take ages to load (and cost a small fortune to run!).
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  14. TheMusicMan

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    They are good for startup and smaller sites, I started tMp with them. However, make sure you read the small print as they have some limitations and don't use an industry standard control panel such as cPanel - they have their own proprietary one which is somewhat cumbersome.

    They are also notoriously difficult to get out of too. Easy to sign up with them, but not so easy to cancel. be warned.
  15. SuperMosh

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    Honest John

    I would certainly advise any band wanting webspace to go with John - cannot be faulted and when the gaffer rings you on a Sunday night at 9pm after sorting something out for you, then I think you are in great hands.

  16. winterman

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    The setup I use is a combination of 123-reg (don't screem they have been very good!) and FreeWeb.

    It works out at £2.99/year for a .uk web site and £8.99 for a .com all in and offers

    Windows 2003 or Linux hosting
    3000 MB Disk Space
    50 GB Web Traffic
    Unlimited email accounts
    Unlimited number of MySQL, MSSQL databases
    FTP / FTPS, WebFTP, unlimited number of FTP accounts
    Technical support
    Support for ASP, ASP.NET and PHP languages
    Daily System Backup
    Traffic and Web Statistics
    Unique Online Administration

    I was sceptical (us techies always are of supposed freebie services!), but having used freeweb for almost a year now I have not had one problem. They are very fast and the control panel (though not "industry-standard") allows you to handle pretty much everything you could need.


    If you have the budget then definately use John's service here on tMP, I hear very good things about it! If you don't, or just want webspace to muck about with, then I can highly recommend this option.

    Just my pennies worth on the subject (no I don't work for them or get anything out of it).
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    So who's going to be the first band to do a virtual tour of their band room, a la Old Trafford. Nice going the_drew