We need urgent help!!!

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    I'm the conductor of Brassband Panta Rhei (1st section) from Ghent, Belgium.
    Within 14 days our band is coming over to the Midlands for concerts in combination with some sightseeing.

    We had planned 3 concerts (April 9 in Coventry, April 10 in the Birmingham area and April 11 in Gloucester). Due to certain organisation circumstances the concert on saturday April 10 in the Birmingham area is cancelled.
    We are looking for a band who can share a concert with us in this area. Our hotel is the Premier Inn Hotel Birmingham in Oldbury. Maybe a chance to internationalize your concert. The only thing we ask is a place to perform. We have a nice strong program ready (even a creation for the UK of the last composition of Johan Evenepoel: Bachetto) with a contest piece (Trittico/Crunow) and some of our own soloists on cornet, sop, tenorhorn, trombone,... .
    We don't ask for any money at all. Just want to share good banding atmosphere with a band in the UK.

    If it is possible not too far away from out hotel. Maybe in a circle of 1 tot 1.5 hours drive from Birmingham if possible.

    We know this is some special question.
    When you need more information on our band go to www.bbpr.be
    or voet.paul@skynet.be
    You can also contact Trevor Jones on trevor.jones@pas.coventry.gov.uk
    Trevor (Head of Service, Performing Arts Service, Chse STudio Centre, Coventry) knows our band very well. He can tell all about the problem we have.

    We hope to be lucky and find a band to share a concert with.

    Thanks allready for now.


    Paul Voet
    conductor BBPR
    head of arts
    Academy for Music, Dance and Theatre of the Flemish Community.

  2. TheMusicMan

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    Hi Paul

    What a fantastic post, and I sincerely hope that there's a band out there who can help.

    I wish you the very best in finding one.

    I have tweeted this thread to our Twitter page.

  3. Jan H

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    I can certainly recommend Paul and his band to all.

    Paul, I hope you van find a band to share a concert. Enjoy the trip!
  4. MartinT

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    Ditto. They played a pretty good concert a few years ago in Oxford.

    After which, I had the interesting problem of finding a coach full of Belgians somewhere to eat at eleven o'clock at night! Saved by one very enterprising tandoori restaurant manager :D.
  5. pantarheipaul

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    yes indeed.
    we still remember our Oxford trip very well....
    we played a good contest in Milton Keynes afterwards.

    shame Oxford is too far away for a concert...
  6. WhiteStickMan

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    Hi Paul,

    Might be able to help. Give me 24 hours and let me work on this tomorrow. (About 1 hour north of Birmimgham)

  7. pantarheipaul

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    About the other concerts, some information:

    On friday concert in Guy Nelson Hall at Warwick School
    together with City of Coventry Brass and Coventry PAS
    Contact: Lesly Howarth: howarthbrass@o2.co.uk


    on sunday April 12 we play in Churchdown Community Centre
    Parton Road,Churchdown, near Gloucester
    concert with Tewkesbury Band
    information: Helen Walters: melbo@sky.com
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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry. Can't help. Been trying to get it together all day but it's just not working out. Hope somebody else can help.

  9. pantarheipaul

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    Hi all,

    we had a fenomenal weekend in the Midlands.
    A warm welcome from all the bands in Warwick (Coventry Band), Ratby (Thanks Geoff and C°) and the people in Tewkesbury.
    Hope to keep in touch and see you in Belgium one day!

    Thanks again!

    Paul Voet
    MD Brassband Panta Rhei Gent (Belgium)