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    Hello everyone,

    Kerrang! approved Brass Metal band looking for members

    ‘We are many we are legion’ are the only metal band driven by a New Orleans style six piece horn section.

    Watch the video for the debut single at the link below:

    I wrote a bunch of material and enlisted friends and acquaintances to help record and release a debut track to see if it was a concept people would connect with. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with radio airplay on a number of stations, the most notable of which being Alex Baker’s Fresh Blood show on Kerrang! radio. Audience response has also been good, with the ‘band’ steadily gaining followers on social media and generating an exciting response.

    Lost Inside was something of a test, but now it’s time to turn it into a living breathing band. A second single is currently in the making whilst I look at assembling a band.

    I am looking for the following players: Sousaphone/Tuba, 2 x Trombone, 2 x Trumpet, Sax, aged under 30. This is not a typical brass band, but if you are looking for something different and if you love brass and metal this could be for you. More songs are written, demo versions available on request, if you are interested drop me a line at we@wearemanywearelegion.com and lets talk.


    Based in the northeast, but happy to consider members from other locations if you think you could make it work.

    Mods: I tried to follow the guidelines but it makes the thread title a little long. Please ammend as necessary.
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