We are 40 years old this year!!!

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    Totnes Band extends an invitation to all past players and anyone who has had a previous association with the band to attend our 40[SUP]th[/SUP] Anniversary Concert.

    The evening will be hosted by Vivian Willcock (vice Chair SWBBA) and includes performances by the Totnes Senior Band, Totnes Training Band, ‘TT Brass’ (2011 SWBBA Ungraded Section champions) the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and a grand performance by both bands and all ex-members who wish to be involved.

    The concert will be held at the Civic hall in Totnes on December 17[SUP]th[/SUP] commencing at 7pm.

    Tickets available on the door £5 adults, £3 children, £12 Family ticket (max 2 adults)

    If you are a past player wishing to play on the evening or for further details please contact:

    Pam Cleave: 01803 665209 p.cleave@tiscali.co.uk


    Martin Ryan 01364 72127 martynryan1950@yahoo.co.uk
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    Re. the above post, if anyone knows anyone who may have a connection with Totnes Band please pass the word around- we want to see as many people with an association to the band there as possible :)

    Also any enquiries about the band (i.e anyone looking to join a band in South Devon) can be made on the above contacts or by sending me a PM