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  1. Maggie

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    Just wondering if anyone else has had problems when getting new sets of Wayfarer.

    I purchased a new set in November, and found there was only one Rep/Flug part. Contacted the shop I bought it from, who contacted Studio Music. Studio said this was correct - as it was a reprint they were not issuing any extra parts, and so there was only one Rep/Flug part per set.

    The shop then asked them to confirm that they would allow photocopies to make the set usable, to which the answer was no, a new individual set had to be purchased at £2.50 (ok, not much, but it's the principle of the thing).

    The new part arrived and was only pages 1&2, no pages 3&4.

    Anyone else had any difficulties before I start jumping up and down at them?
  2. johnmartin

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    I had two sets already in the library, how fortuitous. Both had 2 x rep/flugel parts and neither were copies. Only had a short score though so I had to purchase a full score from Just Music. Personally I think you are being hard done by. If it is sold as a brass band set then you should get a part for each seat. And publishers wonder why people copy parts? Whatever happened to common sense.
  3. oddbod

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    You'd have to jump through lots of hoops to sort it the proper way - but a curt letter with a copy to your local trading standards office quoting that the sale of goods and services act says it's unfit for it's purpose may ruffle a few feathers (And before a zillion respondents say "Well that depends")....it's still worth a curt letter!
  4. brassneck

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    Only one part because when it was written most bands had the flugel sitting next to the rep. cornet sharing the same stand. Anybody tried it that way, out of interest?
  5. stopher

    stopher Member

    Similar thing with Prelude and Jubilate - my band bought a set for Pontins 2 years ago. I found out that a new set had been released with the errata sorted out so phoned Kirklees last week. Fairplay, they said there would be new scores for all bands who had bought it for pontins with the alterations in as the parts were the same. Just could do with a list of what the alterations are to help me! (Did find one difference between parts and the new score last night so think I'll have to phone again!)
  6. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    Think we did first time we got it out. I was muchos confuzzled, until I remembered that older brass band scores doubled flugal and rep. Still it seemed rather odd.
  7. oddbod

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    Just, Re-the comments about Rep and Flug being together - we aren't talking ancient history here! - If you are 30/31 you were around when it was played - It's not Life Divine! - Most top section bands sat Horns and Flug together well before 1976.. I was there (Yes I'm an old git)
  8. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    Indeed, but that doesn't stop them putting two copies in the standard set. I would take this up with them.
  9. iggmeister

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    I agree that it may be a breach of the Sale of Goods Act. Another gripe is when you only get 3 solo cornet parts. It is almost as if the publisher is saying that sharing is sufficient and that they are dictating the set up of the band.

    Sometimes composers set the band up differently e.g. Phillip Wilby's Vienna Nights, but can you imagine if he wrote a part where the second baritone shared a part with the second cornet - (don't know if they sat next to one another in that piece) - it just wouldn't happen in the first place but I wouldn't expect them to give just one copy if such a part existed.

    Everybody needs a part to practice. Most music publishers now provide a part for each player.

    The problem is at £2.50 for a replacement part its hardly worth quibbling over it (although I accept the point of principle). Perhaps a letter requiring them to sort it out or otherwise you will raise the issue through writing to e.g. 4barsrest, BB in addition to the fact it has already been raised on tMP. Individually its not worth pursuing but collectively complaining may make the publisher sit up and listen.

  10. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    Having worked as music editor for Studio Music from 1982-2000, I would like to leap to their defence and say it was ALWAYS their policy to include a part for every player in a standard BB set. They were one of the first to start putting 4 Solo Cornet parts into a set, for example.

    The Wayfarer is a piece that they sell on behalf of Boosey and Hawkes and it could well be the case that the original set they received from Boosey's only had one part. This error has probably been compounded as cock-up rather than conspiracy - so it is really worth pursuing this with them. Maybe you need to speak to someone higher up the management chain. I suggest a call to Stan Kitchen would sort it out. 020 8830 0110.

    A standard set should include 25 brass parts - no question!
  11. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    To be honest Phillip, Studio Music was the first name that came to mind when I thought of the 3 solo cornet part issue. Perhaps my band has just been unlucky. And for some reason, it was always Goff Richards' arrangements. I certainly do not expect that it was deliberate for the particular arranger or indeed anything to do with him.

    I only know about it through being the person to stamp any music before it is given out to the band. I have had some music from less well known European publishers which contains just one copy of each part - now that is really bad.

    It is just one general factor in considering the quality of the product we pay for. Generally, the quality of the copies from Studio Music is (and always has been) in my experience very good whether the parts are handwritten or computer generated. I don't think any publisher has got it perfect although (and I'm not just saying this, or including it as a sweetener;)) the physical quality of the music from Anglo Music Press is as good as there is at the moment, and I recall from your previous posts that you believe this is the only way to go.

    Just as an example, I have the solo cornet copies for Isiah 40, The Night to Sing and On Alderley Edge in my pack at the mo for forthcoming contests (all of which we have 4 copies by the way). All are by different publishers - SP & S Ltd, Winwood Music and Gramercy Music (UK) respectively. The best in my opinion is The Night to Sing. It is bigger print and very clear (and I like the ironic yellow paper). However, their short scores at Birmingham are now legendary due to their poor quality.

    There is still a great degree of variance in the standards of copies. Perhaps it i a reflection of society that we are now more prone to complain:confused:

  12. catflug

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    I've been blaming our librarian for losing my flugel part as there is only one rep/flug part in our new set...Will follow up with Studio Music and let you know!