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  1. rustyslide

    rustyslide New Member

    Thanks to all who identified the music i sought.
    a solo called In Cellar Cool by William Rimmer

    after two years i still cant find a copy. Is there any nice, sweet, kind person out there
    who may know how to obtain a copy.
  2. jondaw

    jondaw New Member

    Have a look at the Wright & Round site at www.wrightandround.com

    They list, in their archive section, In Cellar Cool with composer/arranger Truman

    Call them on 01452 523 438, fax 01452 385631 or email them at inquire@wrightandround.com
  3. c_license

    c_license New Member

    In cellar Cool

    I have a copy wth piano accompaniament if it's any help, if you want a band copy let me know and I'll see if I can help

    Chris License
    All Music Plus

  4. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

  5. rustyslide

    rustyslide New Member

    thanks everyone , knew id grt there if i asked the experts .. thanks again.

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