Water key corks

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by vulcan, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. vulcan

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    It seems sad that these days it seems harder to find a spares shop for brass bands.The only one where I live closed it`s doors two months ago.
    Something as simple as a waterkey cork seems impossible to get hold of and the only means of getting them is on the trade stands at contests.
    I now find myself needing a couple of corks and cannot find any.
    Has anyone ever got over this problem by using something made from another material,or is that not possible.
    Any help would be appreciated.:tup
  2. alanl58

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    I have a whole bag full from Windcraft. Indeed I once wanted some new valve felts for Besson Euphs, and they held my order for months until they eventually became available, and then rang up to see if they were still required; small orders no probs either. try:



    PS Mods, I have no connection with them, just appreciate their excellent service.
  3. vulcan

    vulcan New Member

    Many thanks Alan,I will take a look and see what I see.
    Take care.

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