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    Anyone who as travelled to Scarborough or Bridlington may have taken the Scenic route through a little village called Sledmere, there is a big Hall, some Monuments, alot of very big property's, a few council houses, a pub, but nobody out walking around, that is nobody can be seen pushing a pram, walking their dogs, gardening or anything that is a everyday occurance anywhere else. Now not a thing is lible to walk off the pavement in front of you, yet a Policeman was hiding behind a Monument with a speed gun, I even slow down through this village and most other people do as well, it must be because we are trying to spot a person or a dog or anything.

    As anyone else been through a Place like that?

    Do you agree that a Police pressence is needed when the villages only come out at night?

    I called at the pub once and there where only Four blokes in the bar, no Females in at all.
  2. Rapier

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    Speed Enforcement would most likely be down to the Traffic Department of the local force, so would not affect policing at local level. So not a problem as far as I can see. And it may well have been as a response to a complaint of speeding made by the village.
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    Once went through a very picturesque village in the midlands, most of the houses had thatched roofs, mainly large properties, immaculately clean, lots of flowers and hanging baskets; not one single person or animal to be seen. Stopped at the local corner shop, only shopkeeper inside, remarked what a quiet little village it was and how even the shop was quiet, he said it was an average day. Quite eerie, didn't hear any birds singing, children playing, dogs barking; began to think that I was in Brigadoon!

    Quite a spooky experience, even stranger, been through this area several times since and can't find this village or remember it's name, looked on a map but can't see a name I recognise. The only other thing I remember was it was a beautiful sunny day yet when I got out of the car, yet the air in the village seemed chilled. Very strange.
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    Can I challange anyone who feels this is a waste of Police time (and therefore taxpayers money) to attend the next community meeting held by the Police in your area (and they should be being held everywhere) and say so.
    At most of these meetings that I've been to residents want Police to deal with speeding cars and dog poo!!:confused:
    Left to their own most Police Officers would rather tackle burglars and drug dealers.:clap: :clap:
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    Me and my mate (both of us bass players) were working in a tiny North Yorkshire village a couple of months ago, when a Fire Engine and a brigade transit van pulled up on the road outside the house and errected a temporary speed detector. You know the ones that say :( 30mph slow down.
    Appart from a couple of horses and the odd tractor the fastet thing that went through it all day was the brigades' Transit Van when they tested it out!
  6. Pythagoras

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    I bet there have been people knocked down by cars in such villages. At the end of the day if people drove under the speed limit they wouldn't be done.
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    Isn't it quite possible that the people don't feel safe to walk around their village because they are worried about the speeding cars ???
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    Been there, done that.

    I thought, as a local speed camera partnership were looking at erecting speed cameras on routes through my local town, I would attend the meeting, as one of the propsed sites was outside my old school. The school is on a long, straight road, and folk regularly do 50 up it, even though it's a 30 limit.

    The local police were in favour of the site outside the school, and of keeping the cameras on the nearby by-pass. (Which used to kill a dozen people a year and hadn;t killed anyone since the cameras went up.)

    The local residents (Myself included) though this was the best possible idea. The bypass was now much safer, and who could possibly object to speed cameras outside a school?

    It turned out the local "Safety" camera partnership did object. Since they're a private contractor responsible directly to government, they can pretty much ignore whatever the police reccommend.

    So they erected the cameras on the (only) busy route there is from nearby bradford to raise more revenue (the road avoids the town completely) ignored the school roadentirely... and to save costs, only bought two new cameras. The rest were relocated from sites on... you guessed it... the nearby bypass - which then killed four people the next month.

    I don't object to speed cameras in principle. What I do object to is them being sited by imbeciles who have no idea of the local situation.
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