Warning! work related enquiry Re: Travel Policies

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by strongbow, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. strongbow

    strongbow Member

    Hadfield,( AKA Royston Vasey)
    Hi People

    Sorry to put a work related posting on here but I have been asked to review our travel policy and how we buy travel. We are a large UK University and have a sizeable spend (c£13m p.a.), 10,000 employees and over 30,000 students many of whom travel the world to conferences etc.

    I have information from many other UK universities but have been asked to find out how the private sector buys travel and what policies/procedures they have in place. If anyone out there works for a large organisation that has travellers that cross the globe and would be willing to share travel policies with me then I would be grateful as I need to gather as much information as possible.

    Please PM me or email janet_lewis@lycos.co.uk

    Thanks in advance for any information that can be provided.
  2. Di B

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    Dudley UK
    Our company uses hotel scene who book all our hotels for us. Check the inland revenue site for mileage guidelines and personal expenses while working away.
    If paying mileage then most policies expect you to say for your own class 1a travel insurance, and dont say for parking fines/driving fines etc

    Our company expects you to pay for your expenses up front and then get reinbursed. This ensures we get receipts!
    If you want to ask any specifics pm me and ill try and let you know but most of the above is standard corporate procedure.
  3. strongbow

    strongbow Member

    Hadfield,( AKA Royston Vasey)
    We do have rates for mileage etc which is OK. It is the overseas travel that I am particularly interested in as this is the majority of our expenditure
  4. andywooler

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    Last 2 companies have both used specialist Business travel organisers who negotiated special deals with the large carriers for regular routes. For example, we had a large discount and faster access to gold level frequent flyer card with one US airline plus rebates based on expenditure with a large UK carrier. Another firm I know of has a business facility with Expedia.
  5. jackocorn

    jackocorn Member

    As a Government Agency, we use the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Worldwide Subistence rates that can no be found on the Revenue site at:


    Be warned - not for the faint-hearted! Look for guidance on usage.
    This is the place to start: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/employers/emp-income-scale-rates.htm

    I've used the rates for a few O/S trips and my colleagues are constantly traveling on business and we have had no problems other than education/understanding/interpretation, etc. You (the claimant) need to keep evidence of the exchange rate (from the bureau de change) as the rates are in local currency and you have to convert them for payment to staff.

    Good luck!!!
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