Warm or Cold

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ian perks, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. ian perks

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    As a regular person who goes swimming everyday and does 50 lenthgs front crawl each time.
    It as made me wonder i always prefer to swim when the water is very cold,the reason been its makes you work harder and you feel better for it afterwards.
    Where as when the water is to warm you become lethargic and you do not feel the benifit of the swim at all.
    When you go swimming what do you prefer?
    Thats if you go swimming at all;) not just a splash about in the water
  2. needmorevodka

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    Not been swimming for a while myself, but now that you come to mention it I do prefer cold water for serious swimming. You're right, you do feel better for it.

    If I'm just relaxing while on holiday or whatever, I'd like it a little warmer. Not really warm though, it's nice if it's refreshing. I remember being in Greece once and the hotel pool was icy. People were jumping in going "ooooo eeeee! It's ok once you're in". And so it was, but actually getting in was torture, hilarious torture :lol:
  3. 2nd man down

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    By heck Ian, that must have been hellishly cold water that affected your spelling and grammar like that! :rolleyes:

    I must admit, I prefer to swim in colder water, If I want warm water I have a bath!
  4. I prefer cold water - it keeps you going! I don't like first climbing into the pool though!!! And absolutely hate jumping into pools on holiday - way too cold!!!
  5. sheilawinter

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    I do like to swim in colder water it makes you swim faster to keep warm
    When the water is to warm it it is really difficult to keep the momentum going and when you are trying to swim a mile it doesn't help much
  6. I like warm water, because I'm a very slow swimmer, due to asthma, and being cool-blooded by temperament. If the water is cold I shiver, and soon run out of breath trying to warm up.