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    After starting a band this past fall, and having one concert under our belt with three more coming up on the horizon, I have a bunch of questions about the best ways to actually run a band and how to keep problems to a minimum. Here are the facts: There were no auditions to get into the band. Numbers are good so far and people came in by word of mouth.
    Q: How is player attendance dealt with usually? To participate in a concert should there have been a minimum number of rehearsals attended? I don't want to have a come and go situation with my players, but also don't want to exclude some ringers in town who can't commit all the time. Who in the band usually looks after personnel matters? So far everyone is having a good time and the playing is improving. There really are no pressing problems at the moment, but I want to avoid any pitfalls that all of you with greater experience know how to avoid!


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