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    Hello Tmp'ers,
    BBA are seeking a donor or someone in the know who can access, really cheaply, i.e., for free, a 15-17" flat screen TV with built in DVD. Why?
    Well, we would like to use this on the BBA stand, which, as many of you are aware, attends most if not all of the major Brass Band Contests and events, in addition to attending many events presented by bands around the UK in support of BBA.
    At these events, we have been inundated by requests for more visual information relating to the project. However, whilst we have generated a wealth of info, we are restricted in terms of how it can be displayed.

    The portability of this equipment will allow us to present a variety of media e.g., audio tracks, photographic images and DVD footage, the latter taken on the visit to the project in Ethiopia earlier this year. In addition we will be able to show footage of the original recording session featuring the celebrity band in action and new material as the project continues to develop.
    We would also like to use footage of events and concerts Bands may have taken already at BBA concerts or concerts/events that are planned during the coming year. So if you have any, or are planning an event, take some footage and we will use it! No £200 for the bloopers though. Its not 'you've been framed', more a case of 'you've been famed'!

    So, scrounging over, any ideas or contact or really generous peeps out there, please get in touch.
    Many thanks for your continued support,
    07786 027209
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