wanted! small wooden xylophone and SmallGong stand

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by satchmo shaz, May 21, 2004.

  1. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    our band requires a small wooden, portable xylophone, 2nd hand would do, where can I get them from, it needs to be small due to space
    We could also do with a small tam tam /gong stand. Our Tam tam/gong is about the size of a dustbin lid!! :lol: ........ but it sounds good! :wink: cheers
  2. drummerboy

    drummerboy Member

    I think Percussion Plus make one thats quite small, and quite cheap too, but good all the same (good for those on a budget certainly). If not, Yamaha and Premier make good small xylos. Try somewhere like Normans (think its www.normans.co.uk)
    Hope this has been some help!

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