Wanted secondhand Eb tuba

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by katsdad, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. katsdad

    katsdad New Member

    Hi does anyone have a reasonably priced and in reasonable condition an Eb tuba. We are a 4th section band and so are financially challenged but are prepared to spend on a fair instrument.
    Any replies to me Steve Adams
    would be greatly appreciated
  2. WorldofBrass.com

    WorldofBrass.com Active Member

    As usual, I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Carter and his business Mr Tuba. He'll be able to sort you out a decent Imperial or Sovereign.
    Phone number is 01633 871506.
  3. tubbytuba

    tubbytuba Member

    Take a look on Ebay,theres been a few real good ones at a fair price on there lately
  4. foxyflug

    foxyflug Member


    Give Glyn Williams a call on 07976 628956.......he has 2 in stock at the moment.

    Helen Williams