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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by YorkshireBand, Aug 22, 2011.

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    We are looking to purchase 30 complete 'marching band' style uniforms. We have the pattern in mind that we require but as we are not wanting to buy full wool type uniforms ala military bands etc, we are trying to find someone who can supply a lighter material (like brass band jackets etc).
    If anyone has any ideas or contacts of someone who could take this kind of thing on then please would you let me know? We would probably be buying all of the accessories to go with them too (ie hats etc)
    Many Thanks

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    Contact Dave Ashworth at Fanfare North, I am sure he will have the answer.
    He helped us and provided everything we wanted and he gives excellent customer service.
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    We at Centre Stage uniforms can kit you out - we do a full range of marching band uniforms, and you can have them in the fabric and colour of your choosing. Please get hold of me - Martin - 07545 025628. Thanks
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    HI Martin
    As discussed. We aren't yet in the market to actually buy uniforms but we want a figure to have in mind for our fundraising activities this year (and however long it takes).
    We are grateful for your reply and help
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