Wanted - Lost chord percussion parts and Denis Wick 3L Tuba Mouthpiece

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    Evening all,

    I have been asked by a very good friend of mine from hungary who plays 2nd man down to me at my band if i can ask a huge favour from all you tmprs out there.
    He is taking his final conducting exam in pecs (hungary) on the 16th Feb which has involved him setting up a one off brass band over there to perform a concert. There are some fabulous musicians playing in it and he has even asked a few of the players in our band to play over there with him!! (i can't wait) The program is also brilliant!!

    Anyway the most important thing he wants to ask is if anyone out there has access to the percussion parts to the lost chord which is one of the pieces he will be conducting. If anyone could help please pm me and hopefully we can sort this for him before the concert. Unfortunatly the copy of the lost chord he had from our library is missing these parts.

    The other thing is that he is looking for a denis wick 3Lmouthpiece for tuba 2nd hand if possible that someone would be willing to sell? If anyone could help that would be fabulous.

    Many thanks

    Rach xx