Wanted: Left Handed Cornet

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Di B, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Di B

    Di B Member

    Not sure if anyone can help, but we have someone in our training band who has a lof of problems with his right hand when playing the cornet.

    He currently holds the cornet in his right hand and plays with ther left but because of the way the instrument is built his hands get very sore!

    He has expressed an interest in getting a left handed cornet and I believe from the last time I spoke to him he would be prepared to buy one if it was not too expensive and a cornet that would last him for several years.

    I wonder if anyone has a adapted left handed lying around they might want to pass on to a good home? If so, please let me know. All details I receive I will pass on to the player but I cannot guarantee a sale at all of course as it isn't my choice! :eek:

    Many thanks
  2. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    hey Di what about those german rotary valve ones thy are left handed, some are good quality too, if not invite one of the top makers to do a prototype for you and you will publicise etc........worth a try! :wink:
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    What is the sound like on the German ones? Any ideas?

    The prototype idea is good - escpecially as the guy is willing to pay for one.

    I will pass the info on to the relevant people - unless our Training Band Co-Ordinator is reading this! :)

    Thanks for the thoughts!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    Hi Di
    I can make a left handed cornet for you
    if you want to get in touch 01623835878

    Matthew challender

    Thoresby flugel
  5. Di B

    Di B Member

    Thanks! I will pass the message onto the cornet player in the band! :)

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